You seem locked in a relationship two-step—one forward, two back. Rather than a slow dance to nowhere, it’s just the universe getting you to slow down and consider new possibilities. Fortunately, some good buddies are standing by to help you figure it all out. And do keep an ear tuned to the rumour mill at work; you’re no gossip girl, but you could pick up vital info you can parlay to your advantage.


Get in the game this month by taking action. With the planet Venus offside, your usual trump cards of patience and charm aren’t enough. Show those in charge you’re a player to be reckoned with and you’ll come up aces. The second half of the month is more private and potentially serene. Go ahead and nurture your inner yogi or artiste. Your mood will respond very favourably—and dramatically—to an uplifting change of colour scheme.


Spring is not yet sprung. Yet, as the zodiac’s blithe butterfly, you yearn to unfurl your wings. Best keep the big goals under wraps, though, and fulfill all duties on the job and off. Rather than mope around, polish that silver lining. You just might make an important breakthrough about a financial goal or find a travel bargain that has you relaxing, however briefly, in a luxury destination, which will soothe your restless spirit.


March winds stir up a deluge of desires. But you’re distracted by people in control and their power plays. Whether you know it or not, all your efforts are laying solid groundwork for success, so just hang tight. Anyway, it’s your upbeat attitude that proves to be your surest shelter—and your most alluring asset. Use it to go after not only what is possible but also wildly out of reach, in both love and life.

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This month, you’re roarin’ to go, and impatient with those who can’t keep up—but then who can? You don’t need any assurance you’re the right person for the job; just finish what you start, please. Animal attraction could lure you into a new rapport. Is it lust or love? You’ll have to wait and see, but if you establish open communication, it just might develop into a relationship that’s a keeper.



Unfinished career business? Unresolved relationships? Pick up a broom and make a clean sweep of all the clutter in your life. Besides helping you make a psychic shift, you might make some extra cash at a consignment shop. Then, open the proverbial window. A breath of fresh air, in your relationships and your finances, wafts your way by month’s end. If you dare to believe in love, you just might attract someone who believes in you.



Someone didn’t get the memo about you being made to go places and do big things. If you really want off the wheel, look but don’t leap this month. For now, just say “whatever” and keep on. Meanwhile, you may spike a relationship that was on a roll. You’re right to want to slow things down, as there is much to discuss and negotiate. If you take your own good time to do so, you will get it right.



The sap is rising and with it your libido, which means you may be prompted to obsess about an impossible love. Much as you thrive on challenge, you’ll be more fulfilled if you zero in on someone more attainable. You do deserve some sweetness in life. Meanwhile, opportunities don’t grow on trees. But if you focus and mount a campaign to impress those in charge, you could tap into something big.


Well, it looks like home, home on the range for you. Mend some fences (literally and figuratively) around the ranch, which could use a little spiffing up, and spend time with some older folks who would appreciate attention. Meanwhile, much as you want to corral the heart of someone new, Venus’s backtracking gives you pause. It’s time to be more selective in where (and upon whom) you lavish your affection and how you spend your precious downtime.



The usual reply when asked to name two qualities of your sign: serious and grumpy. Consider some new PR now. Extol your virtues and make a slick pitch because, if you project them strongly, you’ll take a big step toward success. Extra cash in your pocket may prompt you to splurge on a getaway toward month’s end. Travel’s iffy, though; more fun—and possibly someone intriguing—can be found closer to home.


A planetary love-fest in your sign means you can get just about anything you want from just about anyone. It’s all totally groovy, if a little frantic. You might convince warring factions on the job or in one of the many groups you’re involved in to give peace a chance. But do go after that personal goal, adding a clause about contributing to the greater good. You’ll create the kind of win-win that’s your specialty.


By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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