Heidi Klum: Supermogul

The supermodel on her new fragrance Shine and why Project Runway brings out her “German side.”

Cameras, lights, a hairdresser on the sidelines, and a world famous supermodel at the centre of it all. This isn’t a high fashion photo shoot—it’s Heidi Klum’s interview suite, where she’s meeting the media to talk about her recently launched fragrance, the oriental floral Shine. Looking camera-ready in a powerful red suit by Michael Kors with a deeply plunging v-neck, Klum is every inch the supermodel turned supermogul. Amid the chaos, Klum told us about hitting all the right notes with Shine.

FLARE: What does this scent remind you of?
HEIDI KLUM: I feel like I haven’t smelled anything like this before. There are definitely components in this perfume that I like. Lily of the Valley for example is a flower that I picked when I was little. There’s a little bit of vanilla in there, but it’s very spicy too.

F: You’re obviously known for your career as a supermodel. How do you feel about being successful as a supermodel versus being successful as a businesswoman?
I get to do the things that I always wanted to do before I became a model. I won my modelling contract and went to the modelling world and in the beginning no one cares what you have to say. You are just a face. I learned a lot, I travelled the world, but I’m a very creative person, so I get to do what I always wanted to do in a way.

F: On Project Runway, is it hard not to take things personally when you’re arguing about which designers are in and who is out?
HK: I guess my German side comes out then. I get very matter of fact. I try to not think about the designers and their personality and whether I like them or not. I think about their clothes, and I’m supposed to judge them on that. I’m very fair.

F: What is it like working with Michael Kors?
HK: It makes going to work every day a lot of fun. It does! Especially in the fashion industry, they can be very… you know… snobby, or stiff and boring, or take themselves too seriously. Michael’s definitely the opposite, so it’s fun to go and shoot for six weeks with people who are hilarious and make you laugh all day.

Do you have any beauty tips?
HK: These beauty tips are always so difficult! People always want new things! There aren’t any! Eat right, work out, drink a lot of water. That’s it!

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