Hanging in Halifax with Matt Mays and El Torpedo

Exclusive interview

Hanging in Halifax with…

Matt Mays and El Torpedo

Flare talks with Matt Mays (far right in photo)

Flare: Did you grow up in Halifax?
Matt Mays: “I grew up in Dartmouth across the harbour from Halifax. I still live there today.”

F: What was your “big break”?
M.M.: “I never really had a big break. Just a bunch of shows in Toronto and alot of practice. That’s the way it goes sometimes.”

F: Who is in your iPod right now?
M.M.: “My pod is bustin’ all sorts of jams. The Constantines, Althea and Donna, and The Ethiopians are at the top lately.”

F: What’s the one thing everyone must do when they visit Halifax?
M.M.: “Eat a donair, and barrel roll the Citadel Hill- both a must.”

F: Where is the best place to go hear live music in Halifax? Any cool music festivals we should know about?
M.M.: “There are two great reggae nights. One on Wednesdays at Stage 9 with a band called Verbal Warnin’ and one on Thursday at Tribeca with the Dartmouth Soundsystem DJ’s.”

F: What’s the best time of year to visit Halifax?
M.M.: “Summer is the best time since we’re on the ocean, weather is essential for a lot of good times around here.”

F: “Your favourite Halifax Restaurant?
M.M.:“I like Jane’s on the Commons, because it’s small quaint, with great food a service. It is a real original vibe. Pancakes that make you wanna scream PANAKAKAAY!!!”

F: Your favourite place to hang out with friends?
M.M.: “I like kicking at Tribeca on nights that aren’t so busy. They play the best music by far and the staff are killer hot.”

F: What do you miss most about Halifax when you’re on the road?
M.M.: “I really miss the beach and old familiar things. Friends and reggae night.”

F: Share something about Halifax that only a local would know.
M.M.: “I found a tunnel under the Harbour to Dartmouth, so if I’ve had a few too many cold ones, I just take my bike home. It’s a sketchy little tunnel, but it gets me where I need to go.”

For more information on Matt Mays and El Torpedo visit www.warnermusic.ca/MattMays


photo: Chris Smith