Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Now Just Ordinary Divorced Couple

The Oscar-winning actress/lifestyle maven and the Coldplay lead singer are officially exes two years after slowly separating and setting off major eyerolls

consious uncoupling

The photo of Martin and Paltrow shared on Goop along with the announcement of their uncoupling (Photo: Goop)

Two years after gifting (cursing?) the world with the term conscious uncoupling—a process created by psychotherapist and author Katherine Woodword Thomas—Gwyneth and Chris have succumbed to the utterly pedestrian title of divorced people.

Their decision to part ways by following a list of conscientious steps aimed at mutual respect over oxygen lattes (or whatever is trending in L.A.) as opposed to name-calling and bitterly dividing albums and books and other personality-defining shared physical property, was widely derided as holier-than-thou spin back in 2014 but, it seems no matter what fancy terms are employed, a divorce is a divorce is a divorce.

According to People, neither has asked for spousal support and considering GOOP’s success and Chris Martin’s high-profile, if widely criticized, appearance at the Super Bowl this year, both are more than financially comfortable and able to provide for Apple, 12, and Moses, 10.

Gwyneth recently made headlines for non-uncoupling reasons, namely the highly-anticipated launch of her organic makeup line with Juice Beauty at Holt Renfrew—we were there!—and made another Canadian connection when she visited Fogo Island in Newfoundland with BF Brad Falchuk, and called their dinner spot “heaven.”

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