10 Items on Goop's Holiday Gift List That Are the MOST Extra

Because 'tis the season for unnecessary spending, amiright?

It’s the most wonderful extra time of the year. A time when budgets go out the window in favour of excessive spending, and that online shopping cart gets more full than your tum on Thanksgiving.

While we here at FLARE have our own gift guide with everything from the perfect pick for your office gift exchange to luxe gifts that are *actually* under $50, we couldn’t help but notice (and LOL) at some of the over-the-top items included on Goop’s holiday list this year.

The website that sells $90 vitamin and supplement pouches and stickers that claim to “rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies,” has rounded up their fave products in 12 different holiday gift guides, such as “The Host Gift Guide” and (my personal fave) “The Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide.” To be fair, many of their gift ideas are pretty cool—and not all of them carry such a hefty price tag—but there are some that, oh boy, forced me to raise an eyebrow.

If you thought Tiffany & Co.’s “Everyday Objects” collection—which includes a $1,000 tin can—was the most over-the-top gift money could buy, Goop’s guide will give you a run for your money. (Like, legit, you will be running after all your money if you decide to actually buy these way overpriced picks)

Don’t believe us? Take a gander at some of Goop’s most extra suggestions for ways to spend your hard-earned cash in a heartbeat.


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