The Girls Cast Spills About Their Craziest Sex Scenes

Over the past five seasons, Hannah Horvath and squad have had some serious sex scenes on Girls. On the eve of the final season (premiering Sunday, Feb. 12 on HBO Canada), we caught up with the cast and creators to get them to tell all about their craziest sex scenes on the show

Welcome to Girls week here at FLARE! We are celebrating the groundbreaking show in advance of its final season, premiering this Sunday, Feb. 12. Stay tuned for more great behind-the-scenes stories, a Q&A with creator and star Lena Dunham and an argument for why this show, more than any other, has changed sex on television forever.

Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna) discusses her Girls sex scenes

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna):

“The day we shot the scene where Shoshanna loses her virginity, I was really sick and basically had no voice and Alex had thrown his back out. It’s also one of the reasons we were in that position, because he couldn’t be in any other position because he basically couldn’t walk. And he had a heat pack under the blanket strapped to his stomach because he was in so much pain.”


Marnie Williams discusses her Girls sex scenes

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Alison Williams (Marnie):

“I hold the title for most sex scenes on Girls! The most satisfied and ecstatic for Marnie was when she was bent over the counter with Desi, and it was also just like, oh, so Marnie is in a different place now. That was her best weird sex scene. Her worst was probably Elijah, because it didn’t work out—and Marnie likes to finish things. That must have bothered her very, very much. It ruined her ego in a big way.”

Alex Karpovsky (Ray) discusses his Girls sex scenes

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Alex Karpovsky (Ray):

“There is a sex scene with Ray and Marnie in season six, that is, for Ray, really disturbing and unusual, in a position that I didn’t even think his body could contort to. That was fun, just from a flexibility point of view.”

Lena Dunham (Hannah) discusses her Girls sex scenes

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Lena Dunham (Hannah):

“The most iconic ones to me will always be the sex scenes with Adam in the first season, where we introduced the complex nature of their dynamic. Those really spoke to my experience of sex in my twenties and were very therapeutic for me, not to film, but to put on-screen and to have other women respond and go, ‘that’s my reality and it helped me to keep growing and developing.’”

Jemima Kirke (Jessa) discusses her Girls sex scenes

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Jemima Kirke (Jessa):

“The early ones were the more uncomfortable ones, but the most fun ones to shoot, the best ones were with Adam [Driver] because they were so easy—because Lena broke him in for the four seasons before! So by the time he got to me he was, you know, a man. He was a professional, and I really didn’t have to do much.”

Judd Apatow (executive producer): “Good sex isn’t funny. You can’t make someone laugh if they have an erection—that’s the comedy rule. Like that intercutting of different people having sex; it featured Chris Abbott and Alison Williams and it was just really awkward and out of sync. That, I thought, was really simple and funny, just jumping to each person’s [bad] sex.”

Jenni Konner (executive producer): “I loved the way we opened the second episode of the show ever, which was Adam just pounding on Hannah and it opened it like we were Betty Blue, but unsexy. It was like a weird foreign film with bad sex. And it really was shocking and weird and she’s kind of going, “uhh uhh,” Like, bad faking it sounds. I loved that one.”

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