The Girls Stars Share Their Funniest Behind-the-Scenes Stories

The Girls cast has had a lot of zany adventures over the years. Here, they look back on their most memorable moments, from snorting pretend coke off a toilet seat to getting road-head from Hannah

Welcome to Girls week here at FLARE! We are celebrating the ground-breaking show in advance of its final season, premiering this Sunday, Feb. 12. Check out our round-up of the Girls stars craziest sex scene stories, and stay tuned for more great behind-the-scenes stories, a Q&A with creator and star Lena Dunham and an argument for why this show, more than any other, has changed sex on television forever.

Andrew Rannells (Elijah):

Doing fake cocaine off a toilet seat. It was Vitamin B, and there definitely was a placebo effect where we were doing these lines and dancing; you do start to feel a little high.

Girls behind the scenes: Hannah and Elijah share coke in a bathroom stall on an episode of Girls.

(Photo: HBO)

Alex Karpovsky (Ray):

In season five, they gave me a coffee truck, and then to have the boss lady fellate me while I’m driving the truck… It was pretty strange. I also played tennis at lunch, and I was more sweaty than I’d hoped to be, which I think made it just bad. Unprofessional, really. When you play a lot of tennis, you forget which scene’s coming next.

Girls behind the scenes: Hannah and Ray talk behind an overturned car.

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Allison Williams (Marnie):

The strangest was definitely performing “Stronger” [at Charlie’s start-up company’s party] in front of my now-husband. He’s in tech and Lena and Jenny wrote a “Ricky Van Even type” into the script and I was like, “Do you want to just skip the casting and put him in it?” And they were like, “Sure.” So he was in a scene, flirting with Shosh, and then he was standing there, watching Marnie sing “Stronger” with this horrified expression on his face and it is such a meta moment for me watching it because he, in real life, was so embarrassed that he was having trouble watching.

Girls behind the scenes: Marnie sings a song at a karaoke bar.

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna):

Filming in Japan was amazing and strange and bizarre: it was a 13-hour time difference, it was also 106 degrees and 96 percent humidity, and we literally moved to the next location the second we got what we wanted. When we shot on Takeshita Street, they were like, “Okay, so, technically it’s not legal to film on this street, but you can’t get a permit because they don’t really offer permits, so it just depends on what cops are on duty that day, if they’re going to shut you down or not.” During that walk-and-talk with Aidy Bryant and me, we had our our boom operator, our camera operator on a Steadicam, [director] Jesse [Peretz] following with the monitor, Aidy and I walking—and the second he would call cut, we would all disperse into random stores so that it didn’t look like a film crew was standing on the side of the street and then we’d somehow make our way back to the top of the street and do it again.

Girls behind the scenes: Shoshanna walks down a busy street in Tokyo.

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Jemima Kirke (Jessa):

Having to work with Richard E. Grant. I was like, “OMG, it’s Withnail.” I couldn’t believe it. That was really surreal for me. On the same day, Richard E. Grant and Kim Gordon were on the same set. My brain couldn’t handle it. And I had a bigger role than them!

Girls behind the scenes: Jessa and a friend share a drink and a laugh at a bar on an episode of Girls.

(Photo: HBO Canada)

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