We Have Real Evidence That Gigi Hadid Is Pregnant

And it has to do with what she’s eating—and *not* eating

Update: On April 30, Hadid confirmed that she’s expecting a baby on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “Obviously we wish we could have announced it on our own terms,” the model told Fallon of the news, “but we’re very excited and happy.”

Gigi Hadid is pregnant, and as you can imagine, the world has gone absolutely bonkers over the news. On April 28, TMZ reported that the model—who just celebrated her 25th birthday in quarantine—is expecting a little bebe with her BF Zayn Malik. The pair, who have been on and off over the last five years, reconnected in October 2019. Per TMZ, Hadid is 20 weeks along, meaning if she is actually preggo, she’ll probably start showing *pretty* soon (exciting!). 

Since the news first broke, there have been reports that Hadid’s recent birthday celebration (documented on social media by Hadid and her family, obvi), was actually a low-key gender reveal party (which is honestly sneaky and brilliant AF), and that the couple are expecting a baby girl. But while most people are over the moon at this news—I mean, how gorgeous is this baby going to be?—the couple has yet to confirm the news themselves, leading some online to be hesitant to celebrate.

Couple this with the fact that since the news broke Hadid has been posting some *suspect* TBT photos—like a Vogue photoshoot from March that shows the model with a pretty svelte and baby bump-less tummy—and it would be easy to take the reports as baseless rumours.

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But fear not friends, because we have the definitive proof that Hadid is set to become a mama—and no, it has nothing to do with the so-called “tiny bump” several media outlets have pointed to (or the fact that her mom, Yolanda Hadid, has apparently confirmed the pregnancy to a Dutch news outlet) and everything to do with what she’s cooking and eating during quarantine. And specifically what she’s not cooking with.

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On April 29, while the pregnancy rumours were running rampant, the model took to Instagram to share her dinner recipe for the evening. Which is TBH, nothing out of the ordinary. Hadid, who’s currently quarantining like the Kennedys on her family’s Pennsylvania farm, often shares her recipes and videos of her cooking process (like Stanley Tucci’s iconic negroni vid, but only with more carbs). And sometimes, she even leaves little hints about her life. No, we don’t mean she writes out messages in perfectly chopped cloves of garlic; the model is known for dropping Taylor Swift-level Easter eggs in her posts, either through what she’s cooking or who she tags. In December 2019, it was a series of cooking Instagram Stories that first alerted fans to the fact that Hadid and then-ex Malik may have reconciled; Hadid posted photos of herself cooking chicken curry pasta salad, tagging Malik’s mom, who then shared the stories on her Instagram. I’m friendly with my ex’s mom, but re-posting? That’s some current relationship status shit. 

Which is why we feel confident (ish) in reading into Hadid’s latest cooking update. Because homegirl is making pasta with spicy vodka sauce…without any vodka. In one of the intro posts on her story, Hadid shared a shot of two plates of super yummy and creamy looking pasta. “Yummy + easy spicy vodka sauce,” the model wrote. Hadid also noted underneath: “(but have no vodka…so without, but still gooood).” 

(Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid)

While there are varying beliefs and advisories around consuming alcohol while pregnant, as Dr. Jen Gunter wrote in a February 2019 article for The New York Times, “It’s medically not best to drink alcohol in pregnancy. Not even a little.” This is primarily due to fears around Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the fact that doctors still can’t say with 100% certainty what level of alcohol consumption is risk-free. A fact that makes Hadid’s post very interesting. Quick q, Gi: Do you mean no vodka in your palatial farm home or just no vodka in your recipe…because you’re being a responsible pregnant person?! You expect us to believe that you, a famous person who is hunkering down with her family and rockstar BF, don’t have a *fully* stocked bar at home? Drake’s sprawling compound and in-home night club would beg to disagree. Even most of us mere plebes (at least those who drink) have a bottle of Polar Ice vodka hanging around somewhere!

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Not to mention, why go through all the effort of making a pasta sauce whose main ingredient is vodka without that actual ingredient, and broadcasting it, unless it was for a *very* important reason? (Said reason being that she is currently housing the next great musical and modelling prodigy in her uterus). 

And not only did Hadid’s choice of alcohol-less sauce cause our spidey senses to tingle, but later in her posts, while showing fans how to fry up chopped onions, Hadid wrote “recipe for 2 tonight.” Hmm is this a hint that she’s eating for two?!

(Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid)

Is Hadid trying to send us a sign? Or perhaps (and most likely) she’s just trolling us all for being up in her business (a.k.a. her uterus), when it’s really not our place at all.

Either way, will 100% be trying this recipe…with vodka.