Get Scented For TIFF

Visit Aromachology’s perfume bar for a scent that’s uniquely you

Whether you plan to check out festival flicks, hit the party scene or simply scour the celeb-spotting hotspots, chances are you’ve already given your sartorial choices some thought—but what about your fragrance? If you want to smell your finest, check out Aromachology’s TIFF suite, set up at the Four Seasons Hotel throughout the Toronto International Film Festival. The company’s co-founders, Toronto-raised Kirsten Menkes and Ashlee Firsten, will be on-hand at the perfume bar (which looks more like a mini science lab with its counter of test tubes and colourful liquids) to blend a custom scent especially for you, based on a quick profiling quiz and your personal preferences. While there, you can also get a sneak peek at the company’s upcoming offerings: customizable lotions and candles, befitting their be-your-own-perfumer philosophy. We had a chance to check out the scent suite and get our own personality-based fragrance—turns out we’re sophisticated and sensual with a dash of optimism. What will yours be?

At the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, 21 Avenue Road (across from the main entrance). From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. now until September 19.