Gangnam Style Singer Hints at a Possible Justin Bieber Collab

The recording studio may just be what the newly-single Bieber needs to get his mind off Selena Gomez.

Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Canada

Justin Bieber may be taking his mind off of the break-up heard round the world by heading back into the studio to work with Psy, the singer responsible for the stratospherically popular “Gangnam Style” video.

Asked at Sunday night’s European Music Awards if he would work with the Canadian hit-maker, the Korean pop star answered cryptically, “I cannot tell you about who its gonna be with but I’m working with someone else right now and it’s going to be huge.”

He also mentioned that his next single and album will contain more English because the audience “looks so happy, but they don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.”

Whether its just wishful thinking, the possibility of a Psy/Bieber collaboration doesn’t seem far off since they both share the same manager.