Gaga's remix cover shot at Flare shoot

Max Abadian

Time for a little bragging: Lady Gaga’s new remix album cover was shot by Max Abadian with art direction by Flare’s Tanya Watt. The image was taken last September on our December 2009 cover shoot at New York’s Milk Studios. Here’s what Tanya remembers most about the pop superstar:

Personality: “Gaga was very focused and direct. She wasn’t into small talk but was open to brainstorming ideas for the shoot’s direction. She was very much in character in front of the camera.”

Style: “She showed up wearing a black bodysuit, an oversized coat and high boots.”

Process: “The entire shoot was pretty magical. Sitting around the table with her crew and mine, talking about the shoot, was really cool.”

Highlight: “You never knew what she was going to come out the dressing room wearing. The accessories always took it to the next level.”