G-Eazy on His Crazy-Popular When It’s Dark Out Tour

We chatted with the handsome hip-hop singer about his v. successful year and why you won't see him without his leather jacket

G-Eazy is a pretty big deal right now. He’s currently killing it on his When It’s Dark Out tour, his hit song “Me, Myself & I” is catchy AF, plus he’s scored a spot on North America’s hottest music festival. The smokin’ hot (and of course v. talented) rapper has taken his tour to Canada this week, and in honour of his last show tonight in Vancouver, FLARE caught up with him to chat all things music. 

FLARE: You’re currently touring; how does it feel to have your a sold-out tour?

G-Eazy: It’s crazy, we’ve come a long way and we’ve been on this journey a long, long time. It’s kind of surreal, I mean, we used to tour in an SUV all crammed in there playing in front of 30 people. And now we’re doing arenas, so the journey’s kind of crazy.

FLARE: You have a lot of dates scheduled on this tour—where are you most excited to perform?

G: Coachella will be a big deal. I played a lot of festivals last year and, don’t get me wrong, they’re all crazy in their own right; festivals are always kind of a different experience. But Coachella is like the American festival so it’s a big deal to be on the lineup, it’s a big deal to have the spot I have.

FLARE: Which festival has been your favourite to perform at?

G: Pemberton [British Columbia], it’s a beautiful place, the drive up there from Vancouver was one of the most beautiful drives in the entire world. The people out there, the location of the festival grounds, it’s just a good time.

G-Eazy performing at Pemberton (Photo: Instagram.com/ @g_eazy)

G-Eazy performing at Pemberton (Photo: Instagram.com/ @g_eazy)

FLARE: You recently added a Vancouver and Edmonton show to your tour—do you have any plans to perform in Toronto any time soon?

G: Absolutely. It wont be long; I love Toronto. I think I’m coming in the fall, but I’m not positive.

FLARE: Your single “Me, Myself & I” is really popular and received a ton of praise—was it your favourite track to record?

G: It was definitely one of them. I just had a feeling when we were making it that it was going to be something special and that it was going to take me to a lot of new places.

FLARE: What’s it like performing on stage in front of hundreds of screaming fans every night?

G: It’s electric, I kind of just blackout. It’s like I blink and then the show’s over but it’s definitely where I feel the most alive. It’s where the music comes to life—performing it in front of people who care about it the most, singing every word, you know. The energy in the room is just something special.

(Photo: Instagram.com/ @g_eazy)

(Photo: Instagram.com/ @g_eazy)

FLARE: Was being a performer always a dream of yours?

G: Yeah, my aunt and uncle were in a surf-rock band and we all used to live in the same house with my grandparents. And they would rehearse in the basement and I would sit on the steps going down there and just watch them play. I felt like I was front row at a concert and it was inspiring.

FLARE: Are there any artists you look to as role models?

G: Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Jay Z. These are just some of my favourites. They’ve all had long, prolific careers; they’ve shifted the culture and they’ve given us great music.

(Photo: Instagram.com/ @g_eazy)

(Photo: Instagram.com/ @g_eazy)

FLARE: What was it like touring with Drake back in 2014?

G: It was just an honour to have the opportunity, and you know, you get to watch and learn. The coolest part about being on shows with other people or playing festivals or whatever, is that you also get to watch the shows. And Drake puts on one of the best shows in hip-hop.

FLARE: How would you describe your personal style onstage and off?

G: It’s pretty much the same thing, whether I’m going to the grocery store or walking on a festival stage. I like wearing black and I like wearing my leather jacket [laughs]. Since I was little I’ve always thought leather jackets were cool—you know it’s clean, it’s simple. Aside from that, I kind of like high fashion, like Supreme and Saint Laurent.

g-eazy style

(Photo: Instagram.com/ @g_eazy)

FLARE: How do you hope your music career progresses in say the next five years—if you could dream big?

G: I just want to continue to grow, just being able to make more music, being able to tour the world, and never let up.


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