Florence And The Machine Debut Spectrum

Lead singer Florence Welch brings on the sparkly style statements

Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Canada

Tiered hair and sequins and jumpsuits, oh my! Florence + The Machine have just released the music video for “Spectrum,” the latest single off their second album Ceremonials, and boy are the looks on the high end of the style spectrum.

Lead chanteuse Florence Welch sports some daring looks in the video, from fiery red hair in an Egyptian-tiered style to gold lamé jumpsuits and feathered white trains. There’s also a group of ballerinas and male dancers in silver spandex pants, in case you’re interested.

The video is directed by David Lachapelle and John Byrne. Our favourite part of the video? When Welch sings “And when we come back we’ll be dressed in black,” followed by a dramatic dropping of her black cape to reveal a sparkly gold jumpsuit. Never one to conform, that Welch. – Christian Allaire

Watch below: Florence + The Machine’s Spectrum