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Jake Gyllenhaal and Two Many Hemsworths To Count

From schmoozing with both Hemsworth brothers to ogling over Gyllenhaal, FLARE's digital editor Andrew Lovesey partied with the TIFF stars on Day 4.


Hugo Boss x GQ Enemy Party

Who: Jake Gyllenhaal and Isabella Rossellini

What: Enemy after-party

Where: The Chase

Why: To celebrate Denis Villeneuve’s film, Enemy

When I heard Hugo Boss and GQ were coming together for Enemy‘s TIFF after-party I immediately started to clear my schedule. As a reader of GQ for more than a decade, an owner of one-too-many Boss suits and a lover of all things Gyllenhaal (Maggie, too!)—my night was made. Upon arriving the event was bustling, the excitement palpable—but Gyllenhaal was nowhere in sight, at least for the first few minutes. Then, seemingly an act of God, the crowd split and out from the lift walked Gyllenhaal in a sharp tailored suit, his girlfriend nowhere in sight. Somehow she (Alyssa Miller, former Vogue cover star) managed to slip in unnoticed. The two sat comfortably outside on the patio, canoodling in the corner taking breaks between making out to chat with the chosen few who stopped by the table. I’m sure Reese Witherspoon, who was down the road at my next stop on the party circuit, would not have been enthused by such PDA. Venturing inside, to the back of a seemingly endless restaurant, guests congregated around a sea food (and cheese!) buffet which, aside from Gyllenhaal, was certainly the main attraction.

SodaStream Presents The Worldview Party At Live At The Hive - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

SodaStream presents the Worldview Party

Who: Reese Witherspoon

What: Worldview bash

Where: Second Floor Events

Why: To celebrate the Worldview films premiering at TIFF.

Mere steps away from The Grand Seduction‘s event, which was literally right next door, and a short jaunt from Enemy, the Worldview party was in full swing when I arrived for the one-hour media window. Unfortunately, only Reese Witherspoon was in the house by the time we were booted from the premises (stars need their alone time, too!). After stopping for some snaps with friends at the photo booth, it was off to the Thompson Hotel for a night of debauchery at the Rush after-party.


Photo by George Pimentel Photography

Rush x Grey Goose Party

Who: Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth and Tom Felton

What: Rush after-party

Where: Thompson Hotel

Why: To celebrate the premiere of Ron Howard’s film Rush

What beats being booted out of a party with Reese Witherspoon? Well, that’s simple. Walking into a hotel lobby bar with both Hemsworth brothers and Tom Felton (erm—Draco Malfoy!). The best part, it wasn’t just one Hemsworth: it was Chris, it was Liam, it was their whole family—mum and third brother included. Resisting the urge to summon my hammer of the gods, and head into battle with Thor, I indulged in the snack bar that had arguably one of the most delectable poutines that has ever touched my palate. And, being a poutine fiend, that’s saying something. Aside from the finger foods, Grey Goose was keeping everyone hydrated with their signature cocktails, so it was no surprise that (since I lingered primarily around the food table) I didn’t even spot Felton until looking through the photos this morning. To be honest, I’m kind of happy I didn’t because I might just have chirped a line or two (or three!) from The Borrowers while walking by.