FLARE Was There: Lounging With The Stars At TIFF, Day 4

The third day of TIFF brought even more celebrities to town and FLARE was there to eat, drink, mingle and chat with the stars at lunch and after dark.


Photo by George Pimentel Photography

Who: Taylor Kitsch, Brendan Gleeson, Gordon Pinsent, Liane Balaban, Peter Keleghan, Mary Walsh, Don McKellar and Kim Cattrall

What: The Grand Seduction after-party

Where: Brassaii

Why: To celebrate the world premiere of the McKellar–directed comedy, a remake of the Québécois hit La grande seduction

In a nod to the movie—in which Taylor Kitsch plays a big-city MD lured to a small Newfoundland fishing community—the night had a doctors-and-seafood theme: servers in scrubs and naughty nurse outfits handed out oysters and lobster rolls, shots came in plastic syringes, and games of Operation were scattered throughout the club. Gordon Pinsent chuckled and nudge-nudged with a female companion over the sexy nurses, while Kim Cattrall (Don McKellar’s costar in the upcoming TV series Sensitive Skin) lounged by the fire in high-waisted black pants and a black leather jacket, exuding cool (seeing the familiar blonde in a room full of hot doctors, I half-expected some sort of SATC shenanigans, but she was not Samantha Jonesing for any medical attention). Kitsch, in a light grey suit and silver tie, spent most of the night with his costar Brendan Gleeson behind the velvet ropes. The Friday Night Lights alum seemed in good spirits, perhaps because the film had the audience at Roy Thompson Hall in hysterics—for Kitsch, following a string of flops, just what the doctor ordered. —Michelle Higgins


Photo by George Pimentel Photography

Who: Colin Firth, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Adrien Brody, Maria Bello, Rufus Wainwright and Michael Bolton

What: Bovet 1822 and Artists for Peace and Justice Festival Lunch

Where: The Budman Residence (i.e. Roots co-founder Michael Budman’s mansion grounds)

Why: To raise money for director Paul Haggis’ charity, Artists For Peace and Justice

Walking into this blockbuster event gives you a pretty good idea of what it would be like to be mega-rich. The massive Budman manse (home to Roots co-founder Michael Budman and his wife, Diane) features a sprawling emerald lawn, complete with sunken pool and a cabana the size of most bachelor apartments. White leather couches and rustic picnic blankets dot the grass, all the better for celebs to lounge on for the festivities. Eventually, it was time to watch a short video about the work APJ does, with director Paul Haggis shouting to the crowd lingering by the Skyy cocktail bar and endless snack tables, “Yo! Get the fuck over here!”. He is very, very passionate about Haiti and he and fellow Artists for Peace and Justice board members like Maria Bello and Olivia Wilde have been there many times to help build schools and kickstart Haiti-run programs for Port-au-Prince citizens in need. The stars turned out in droves to support the fundraiser: Maria Bello jumped into the pool for $20,000 (she at least removed her bright orange Marc Jacobs suit jacket and Louboutins first), and Olivia Wilde (sporting electric-blue eyeliner and a patterned tea-dress, and eager to go barefoot on the grass) got on-stage to share stories about her work in Haiti; when asking who in the crowd would donate $1,000 to help a Haitian child to go to school, her beaming fiancee Jason Sudeikis eagerly raised his hand. Adrien Brody sat on our picnic blanket, looking incredibly dapper in a slim-fitting suit and black ankle boots, and Colin Firth sported some nice frames. Canadian musical talents Rufus Wainwright and Daniel Lanois performed, followed by Michael Bolton, who had flown himself to town on his own ticket to support APJ. He auctioned off a personal serenade to help pad the pot, ending the day on a high note by singing “When A Man Loves A Woman” to two giggling ladies. Here’s hoping they surpass the $500,000 they raised last year–it’s nice to party for a cause for once. —Briony Smith