FLARE’s Editors Share Their Best TIFF Stories

It’s TIFF time again, and as the stars descend upon our fair city, FLARE’s editors share their favourite TIFF tales

(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

Last year, TIFF was chock-a-block with celeb encounters. Most memorable moments include the jam-packed August: Osage County party where Julia Roberts interrupted my querying Dermot Mulroney for his publicist’s whereabouts, smooshing up beside me with maybe an inch between our faces; carefully timing a party exit to ensure riding down in the elevator with Liam Neeson; watching Ralph Fiennes dance to “Get Lucky” at the Soho House;  watching Harvey Weinstein hold court with the very, very tall Taylor Swift in a huge booth at the centre of the August maelstrom; lusting after Clive Owen’s hot daddy mustache in person; Mia Wasikowska’s majestic black-and-white Rodarte coat at The Double party; and searching the Soho House from top to bottom over and over to find Jason Bateman at two separate parties. He remains my TIFF white whale (although I’ll see him walk the red carpet at the This is Where I Leave You premiere this Sunday—at last!). —Briony Smith, entertainment editor

When I was the creative director at Toro Magazine, we hosted a TIFF dinner for the 2006 movie Bobby, Emilio Estevez’s directorial debut. At the table, I was seated across from Sharon Stone, who had a small part in the film. She didn’t acknowledge me, or any of her tablemates, really. Instead, she sat curled up in her chair, knees hitting the edge of the table, and slowly ate a bowl full of soup. At a table in the adjoining room were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I didn’t see either of them until I was leaving. Demi was in the entrance area jumping up and down yelling “ASHTON!” I couldn’t tell if she was just excited or having some sort of mini temper tantrum. —Cameron Williamson, editor-in-chief

I was at a TIFF party when a plant fell on my head so I was covered in dirt, and ended up in the CityTV makeup room getting touched up. This is not my favourite TIFF moment, but it could be the most memorable —Samantha Grice, digital consultant, FLARE.com

Kristen Stewart has that insufferable, awkward shtick on lockdown. My IRL proof came from her 2012 TIFF premiere of On the Road where she showed up in a beautiful Zuhair Murad Couture dress and Jimmy Choo heels. Fast-forward to the post-film interview portion where she’s swapped to black high-tops (not in a cute way) while physically squirming when being asked lighthearted questions from the audience. It could have been because it was her first appearance post-cheating-scandal, but come on, girl, fake it ’til you make it! —Jillian Viera, assistant market editor

My friend’s buddy worked the festival a couple years ago as one of the drivers for the A-listers in town. He was driving a certain musically-inclined action star around to get male escorts the whole night. I also once served Gael Garcia Bernal during TIFF and just about dropped my tray because his eyes are so beautiful. He was shy and quiet and I remember he ordered Earl Gray tea. I don’t know why I found that beverage choice so charming. —Lindsay Murrell, photo editor

In 2000, I had just moved from Kingston to Toronto (and rented a basement apartment complete with hotplate and Peeping Tom). To mark this new life chapter, I bought a pair of bright purple faux snakeskin pants from Guess—as one does. I wore them to a TIFF screening of State and Main. My friend and I had rush tickets, and ended up landing sweet seats near the front of the Winter Garden theatre. Midway through the film, we kept hearing a man laughing, SUPER-LOUD, whenever Alec Baldwin’s character said something funny. And then we realized it was Alec Baldwin. Sitting in front of us. Sarah Jessica Parker was next to him, and William H. Macy was two seats to my left. For a girl from Thunder Bay in purple snakeskin pants, this was a pretty special moment. —Maureen Halushak, managing editor