FLARE Five: A Not-So-Blind Item on LiLo

2010 From A to Z

Pop Culture James Franco is wringing dry his status on Lindsay Lohan’s notorious sex list. The 27 Hours actor has written a short story about *not* having sex with Lohan for Vice magazine. The piece, called “Bungalow 89,” can be read here. The bad news: it cannot be unread.

Fashion Band of Outsiders has designed a black and white coffee mug for Starbucks that is 12 oz. of cool. The ceramic mug’s design—it looks like a grande cup with dripping paint all along the sides—is apparently a creative takeoff on the slang word for coffee, says WWD. (That slang word is apparently “drip.” Who knew?)

Sex Birth control pills may soon surpass antibiotics to become the standard prescription for women suffering from acne, according to a study by dermatologists in the U.S. The review of a number of clinical studies on the subject found that the pill was more effective in controlling acne over the long-term while antibiotics were more effective for short-term use.

Beauty If you invest in any anti-aging skin product, make it a retinoid—there’s real evidence to suggest that the vitamin A derivative actually fulfills its promise to ease skin inflammation, improve skin tone, tame acne and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Harper’s Bazaar has the lowdown.

Health Is your job making you sick? The Washington Post notes that an unhealthy work environment (think poor ’70s-style ventilation, not a toxic boss) can contribute to a host of negative side effects including depression and stress. See how your office stacks up here.

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