FLARE Bowls!

Who says stylistas can't get dirty? ...Or should we say greasy?

Me and Dane Tredway, after we reconciled (somebody doesn’t take to losing well…)

Caitlin Kenny, Jennifer Campbell, and Brittany “The Wizard” Eccles

Liz Cabral, Julia LeConte, Erin Finlayson, Tanya Watt and Kristen Vinakmens creating a fashionable rainbow – spring is all about colour after all

Tanya Watt before realizing she could handle far more than the 9 pounder

Fiona Green and her lucky orange ball

Kristen Vinakmens, Liz Cabral, Julia LeConte and Lisa Tant

An unbeatable combination: Caitlin Kenny, Elysa Goody, me, Tanya Watt, Michelle Kortekaas, Mosha Lundstrom Halbert

The team at lane 3: Kristen Vinakmens, Erin Finlayson, Catalina Margulis, Dane Tredway, Julia LeConte, Liz Cabral

An inventive light fixture that hangs above a table in the dining room

The Ballroom

According to the buzz about town, bowling is on the rise. So when The Ballroom, a brand new alley in downtown Toronto, invited Flare to come knock down a few pins, we took on the challenge wholeheartedly. No really – it got intense.

Turns out bowling has evolved from late night Rock ‘n Bowl at the local lanes. The Ballroom is a chic space with exposed brick, leather couches, and inventive lighting concepts that go far behind fluorescent. In other words, it’s a great alternative to the usual Saturday night dinner, especially if your friends are up for some friendly competition.

And competitive we were! While Editor-in-Chief Lisa Tant joked that she’d been lifting weights in preparation, her strike on the first go got a few of us wondering whether it was really a joke. Some “first-timers” also pulled in exceptional scores, while certain seasoned bowlers who’d talked up their game (ahem, me) fell slightly short.

All fun and games – and no one lost a nail (except for Art Director Tanya Watt, but she was a good sport about it)! Once Chanel makes bowling shoes, we may even form our own fashionable league.