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This month, find out how to unleash your inner siren and spellbind any man with Simply Irresistible. With the clever help of the most famous (and infamous) women in history, author Ellen T. White shows you how to make yourself a viable asset in today’s market—and we’re not talking the Nasdaq ladies.

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Simply Irresistible
By Ellen T. White

EXCERPT To truly be a Siren, you need to decide that you too are fantastically irresistible, even if it requires the same crazy leap of faith that you might draw on to suddenly become a redhead. You need to make this decision over your own most strenuous and reasoned objections. The evidence is slim, you say? The jury’s still out? Well, you’re missing the point. As you must know by now, it’s the confidence itself that’s the draw. Don’t look for the evidence of your appeal—create it with your towering self-regard. Even if you have to fake it. Treat it like a performance, and dress the part. Persuade yourself that you beat men off with a stick. You’ll find that confidence in motion stays in motion and carries everybody in its gravitational field.