FLARE Book Club

It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken
By Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola

The author who brought you the bestseller “He’s Just Not that Into You” teams up with his wife to co-pen this funny yet hard hitting break-up survival guide. Learn how to put down that pint of ice cream (yes, you!) and turn your breakup into a breakover. EXCERPT “In these first few hours or days or weeks of your breakup, there’s one all-important truth that you need to recognize: Some things can’t and shouldn’t be fixed, especially that loser who dumped you or forced you to dump him. It’s over for a reason, and even if you’re in denial about it, deep down inside you probably know what that reason is. Even if you feel baffled by his decision to end it, it boils down to the same thing every time: Your relationship, despite its promise, has ceased to be right for one or both of you. It is, in effect, broken.”

The Dictionary of Failed Relationships: 26 Tales of Love Gone Wrong
By Meredith Broussard

After 26 years and 26 failed relationships, Meredith Broussard decided it was high time to research why. This cool collection of short stories features 26 young female authors who try and get to the heart of the matter of why sometimes love stinks. EXCERPT “Ambivalence ’bi-ve-len(t)s noun [International Scientific Vocabulary] (1918) 1: simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action. Such feelings may be constant in a relationship. 2a: continual fluctuation (as between one thing and its opposite). b: uncertainty as to which approach to follow, especially in the days preceding a breakup.”

Mars and Venus Starting Over
By John Gray

With twelve bestsellers under his belt, John Gray brings you sound relationship advice in the field of breakups and starting over. Need a little soul-searching? This book may help. EXCERPT “When a bone breaks, our body already contains the natural healing power to correct the problem. It hurts, but eventually the pain goes away. As long as we don’t interfere, the body heals itself automatically, in a predictable time period. When this automatic healing process is allowed and nurtured, the bone will actually grow back stronger than before. In a similar way, if you are able to nurture the healing of a broken heart, it also will grow back stronger. The pain and despair will pass, and you will find love and joy again. When a broken heart heals it actually grows back stronger.”

Bridget Jones Diary
By Helen Fielding

Because sometimes a good laugh is better than a good cry. Let oldie but goodie tale of comedic Bridget Jones reminds that sometimes laughter and good friends is the best company around. EXCERPT “2 a.m. Oh, why am I so unattractive? Why? Even a man who wears bumblebee socks thinks I am horrible. Hate the New Year. Hate everyone. Except Daniel Cleaver. Anyway, have got giant tray-sized bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk left over from Christmas on dressing table, also amusing joke gin and tonic miniature. Am going to consume them and have fag.”

Lipstick Jungle
By Candace Bushnell

From Sex and the City author, Candace Bushnell, this lighthearted book reminds you that women can have and be anything they want. It’s all a matter of perspective. EXCERPT “Every morning when I wake up,” Victory began, telling a story she’d told to interviewers many times before (but still, none of them seemed to be able to get it), “I look around and I listen. I’m alone, and I hear … silence.” The girl gave her a sympathetic look. “But wait,” Victory said, holding up one finger. “I hear … silence. And slowly but surely a happiness spreads through my body. A joy. And I thank God that somehow, I’ve managed to remain free. Free to enjoy my life and my career.”