Miley channels Kylie. JB dances like JT. Katy gets sugary.

“Bieber on a bicycle!”

Those were the four words shouted in the pressroom at the MuchMusic Video Awards yesterday night as Miley Cyrus wrapped up her opening number, “Party In The U.S.A”. The song—which puzzled a handful of patriotic Tweeters (perhaps she could have changed the lyrics to “Party In The CDA or CNA”?)—was just the beginning of a kitsch-filled night. As soon as Justin Bieber peddled off stage and the last Cyrus high kick was made, two Jersey Shore cast members took the hot seat in the media center and managed to crack up a row of reporters. How? Snooki mumbled something about her quest to find “the love of a Canadian Guido” while DJ Pauly D democratically riffed on The Situation’s much-criticized rap record (“I’d maybe play a remix” D said sheepishly).

The antithesis of the flash and tan came from Twilight’s Ashley Green. Breezing in with a stunning outfit from Issac Mizrahi, she also had the best accessories of the night at her side: a dressed down Kellan Lutz (plaid shirt and tank with jean-peaking CK underwear) as well as the leather jacketed actor Xavier Samuel.

Up and coming popsters Sweet Thing won our backstage award for best conversation. The 5-man band chatted about their next trip to L.A.—which involves filming a new video for their next single. They also have a bunch of songs confirmed to be on the soundtrack to the soon-to-be-released film, Easy A.

Back on stage it was purely pop, in-your-face fun. Vocal gymnastics courtesy of Adam Lambert, So You Think You Can Dance moves a go go (Miley trying to channel Kylie, JB pulling a JT) and gigantic candy canes and cupcakes (thanks Katy Perry) all made this year’s awards a shriek fest to remember.