Flare Asks - Tanya Tagaq

Flare Asks - Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq
Why: The groundbreaking Inuk throat singer, who recently collaborated with Bjork, takes time out from her Canadian tour to talk about her style and a few of her favourite things.

Flare : What does style mean to you? 
Tanya Tagaq : It’s an interpretation of your emotions, whatever you feel that day. 

F :   How would you describe your own style?
TT: I have a pretty wide range of styles. From full latex outfits, to sophisticated business outfits. Really, it’s all about how you feel that morning. I’m just as comfy in a tracksuit as I am in expensive clothes.

F:  What advice would you give others when it comes to defining their style?
TT: I think it’s important to take risks – and that people don’t get stuck in one style. I’ll go months without using a speck of makeup, but the next month, I’ll wear full foundation and peacock eye shadow. I think it’s interesting to play with how you can portray mood and personality through style.

F: What is your favourite outfit right now?
TT: A costume my cousin Selina made for me. It’s made out of embroidered raw silk, with fur around the neck and a hood, but it fits tight and it’s slit up to the hip on both sides.

F:  Who is your favourite designer?
TT: Margan Pejoski. I got this outfit of hers as a gift. It’s a tunic dress with a beaded neck and beads around waist, in a loose filmy material with an Escher print on it.

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Flare.com Asks… Tanya Tagaq, cont’d

F: What are you fashion pet peeves?
TT: When couples dress alike. And people who wear all denim.

F: What are you listening to now?
TT: I’m listening to Coco Rosie, Cat Power and the Mistfits.
F: What one album should own?
TT: Definitely Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

F: What is one item you never leave home without?
TT: Probably lipstuff.

F: What’s your favourite book?
TT: I’m reading The Stories of Eva Luna by Isabelle Allende right now. My favourite book of hers is House of the Spirit. I also love Kiss of the Fur Queen by Thompson Highway.

F:  If you had a career other than yours what would be it be?
TT: I think it would be something that had nothing to do with creativity. Sitting in a well-ventilated area, doing photocopies, maybe?

F:  Who do you most admire?
TT: My parents. Anyone who can face the world with brains and dignity deserves respect in my books.

F:  How would you like to be remembered?
TT: As somebody that was as good as she could be to other people while still being a bit of a fireball.

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