Flare Asks - Sarah Carter

Flare Asks - Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter
Why: This Canadian up-and-comer is turning heads as attourney Madeline Poe on the new series, Shark, co-starring James Woods.

Flare : What does style mean to you? 
Sarah Carter : It means always expressing how you feel in whatever you wear.

F :   How would you describe your own style?
SC: It changes with my mood swings – I tend to be pretty bohemian. I’ll wear pieces that friends of mine have designed; I collect vintage clothes. I love designer clothes. So $10 cowboy boots and a nice Chloe sweater.

F:  What advice would you give others when it comes to defining their style?
SC: I would say to be resourceful with what you already have and always wear exactly what you want. Not what you think you should wear for the situation, but what will make you feel good in that situation.

F: What is your favourite item right now?
SC: Right now, I can’t stop wearing this organic cotton t-shirt I have with a big lion on the front. I’m really into lions right now – I’m in a big jeans, big t-shirt phase because I’m working all the time in sharp suits and a tight bun.

F:  Who is your favourite designer right now?
SC: Cynthia Vincent. She understands women’s bodies and uses beautiful fabrics – not too form-fitting her clothes hang off your body.

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F: What are you fashion pet peeves?
SC: Right now, skinny jeans. I just don’t like when everybody wears the same thing. I went to a party recently and every girl was wearing tight pants to the middle of the shin, with pumps and a big sweater. It was cute, but you lose that expression of self. I do like the idea of trends and style, but it can get to be too much.

F: What are you listening to now?
SC: Right now I’m listening to a lot of East Indian music and African music. I usually listen to a lot of Bjork and I like singer-songwriter stuff.
F: What are you reading right now?
SC: Right now I’m on this raw foods kick, doing a lot of yoga and swimming in the ocean, so I’m re-reading The Power of Now. It’s a book about staying in the moment, one that everyone should read once.

F: If you could try one career other than yours, what would it be?
SC: I’d love to do something more international. I get to travel a lot in what I do, but I’d like to do even more – maybe organizing housing projects.

F: Where’s one place you’d love to go?
SC: Africa. I’ve been dreaming about it.

F:  What do you do in your downtime?
SC: Hike with my dogs, play guitar. Dance around my house.

F:  Who do you most admire?
SC: Hilary Clinton. I love that she is dedicated to a higher purpose. She hasn’t let her marriage get in the way of what she wants to do. She’s really fighting for democracy. Maybe it’s the character I’m playing, but I’m realizing how difficult it is to be a powerful female in a male-dominate workplace.

F:  How do you want people to remember you?
SC: As someone who makes people feel seen.

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