Flare Asks... Joy Bryant and Joshua Jackson

Rising Stars

Joshua Jackson and Joy Bryant, two of the stars of Emilio Estevez’s ensemble drama Bobby, sat down with FLARE to discuss the film, its cast and the biz

FLARE : Describe your experience working with an A-list ensemble cast?
Joy Bryant : It was wonderfully surreal. I remember one day in the Craft Service line I thought, “Wait a minute, Sharon Stone is standing next to me!” They were all very approachable and comforting.
Joshua Jackson : To be on set and have Harry Belafonte and Anthony Hopkins acting together – even though I’m not in the scene – is amazing. You can’t buy that type of experience!

FLARE :   Are you comfortable watching yourselves onscreen?
Joy Bryant: I get freaked out even looking at pictures of myself.
Joshua Jackson: The first time is ulcer inducing.

FLARE:  Joshua, has the transition from television to film been challenging?
Joshua Jackson: Frankly, films are a more satisfying place to work because you do less of them. Television is kind of like factory work. You just don’t have the time to get into the details of what you’re doing.

FLARE: How did starring in Dawson’s Creek change your life?
Josha Jackson: It changes the way you address the world when you know you can eat and pay your rent. I’m a much happier person at 28 than I was at 18.

FLARE:  Your mom used to be a casting agent, what wisdom did she impart on you?
Joshua Jackson: Her advice was “Treat every job like it’s your last, and you’ll appreciate it more.”

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FLARE.com Asks… Joy Bryant and Joshua Jackson, cont’d

FLARE: Do you still do that?
Joshua Jackson: Yes. This is a really satisfying job if you remain immediate and see the beauty in it, if you can be like Anthony Hopkins and after 40 years of being an actor say, “God, I can’t believe I get to work with Harry Belafonte!”

FLARE: Joy, was the transition from modeling to acting difficult?
Joy Bryant: Over the years it’s become easier. I remember models like Cindy Crawford just getting roasted! Thank God for Diane Kruger, Jamie King and Charlize Theron! We’re finally able to come in, do some good work and work with great people without people assuming that we slept with the director.

FLARE: Is it scary seeing how some people’s lives are scrutinized by the tabloids like your Dawson’s co-stars for example?
Joshua Jackson : I haven’t spoken to Katie in over a year. But, I have been around Michelle and she has, by far, done the best out of the four of us since the show ended. She’s a happy, in love, mom with an Academy Award nomination. The reason why? Even though she does get hounded in a way that is uncomfortable now, it’s based on something. At the center of that entire storm is a person who is actually good at her job.

FLARE: Name a director you would love to work with
Joy Bryant: Wes Anderson

FLARE: And what is your favorite film?
Joy Bryant: From him, The Royal Tenenbaums, but I love The Godfather I and II.
Joshua Jackson: Steven Soderbergh and Out of Sight