First Look: Lindsay Lohan at Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime's Liz & Dick

Does Lilo succeed in her role as Elizabeth Taylor? You be the judge

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

Photo Courtesy of Lifetime

According to Lifetime’s new trailer for Liz & Dick, the new made-for-TV movie surrounding Elizabeth Taylor’s rocky relationship with Richard Burton (aka Dick), troubled film star Lindsay Lohan “is back.” After months of controversy surrounding the film based on the silver screen icon, Lohan proclaims her love and admiration for Taylor in the new clip, as well as riffs off a list of similarities between her life in the public eye and Taylor’s.

While it’s too early to tell whether Lohan’s captured the essence of Taylor (it’s nearly impossible!), co-star Grant Bowler praises Lilo stating “she’s pretty much Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated,”–now that’s a statement! Judge for yourself and see if the tabloid regular succeeds in her role as the iconic style star or if her public profile overshadows her role.

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Liz & Dick, the trailer