First Look At Jennifer Garner In "Butter"

Watch a one-minute teaser clip for the upcoming comedy about a cutthroat Iowa butter carving competition

Photo by Alliance Films

A one-minute teaser clip has been released for Butter, the Weinstein Co. film that premiered at TIFF a couple weeks ago. The comedy about a high stakes butter-carving championship stars Jennifer Garner as a Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann-type who’s up against a young upstart. In the teaser clip released today, Garner’s character gives one last pleading speech before the vote takes place. We’re pretty impressed by Garner’s spot-on Bachmann crazy eyes when she reels off lines like, “Some people seem to think this competition is about who’s the most disadvantaged. I’m sorry that I was born white and tall and pretty.” Move over, Michelle. Jennifer Garner 2012, anyone?

Allison Friedman