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Film Spotlight


Directed by Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde) and starring Kate Bosworth, Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne, 21 tells the thrilling true story of 6 brainy MIT students who became experts in card counting and snagged millions from Vegas casinos. Alex Breen

Under The Same Moon

This emotionally charged drama (which happened to receive a standing ovation at the Sundance film festival) tells the story of a mother (Rosario) and son (Carlitos) separated by the US/Mexico border. Rosario has made the painful decision to live and work in LA as an illegal domestic in order to provide a brighter future for her family. However, when Carlitos’ grandma dies, the gutsy 9 year old decides to take matters into his own hands and make the frightening journey across the border to find his mother. FYI: Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera has a supporting role. Alexandra Breen

My Kid Could Paint That

If you’re looking to curl up on your couch and stay indoors this weekend, check out the DVD My Kid Could Paint That. It’s an unsettling documentary about 4 year-old Marla Olmstead’s rise and fall in the art world. Often compared to Kandinsky, Pollock and Picasso, this pint-sized prodigy has managed to rake in a whopping $300, 000 from art sales. And, she’s been inadvertently involved in enough scandal to give Britney a run for her money. Click on www.marlaolmstead.com to view her work. Alexandra Breen

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