Fierce-O-Meter: The Week’s Most Fearless Females on TV

Flat screen, flat screen on the wall, who was the fiercest of them all? We rank the week in television on a scale of 1 to 5 Beyoncés

For years, our small screens were awash in angsty male antiheros. Dark and tortured Don Draper types who wouldn’t know fierce if it kicked them in the cojones. Lately though, the TV tide seems to be shifting with a surplus of super fly females from surgeons to sorority queen bees. To mark the moment in Grrrrrrl Power, we’re rounding up the most butt-kicking women on the boob tube each week.

taylor swift grammys speech

(Photo: Buzzfeed/Twitter)

Taylor Swift, The GRAMMYs
Leave it to T-Swift to keep things sunny while throwing serious shade. For those not up on the latest spar in the ongoing Swifty vs. Yeezy drama: West’s new track “Famous” includes the lyric, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that b***h famous.” Swift responded this petty and pathetic show of misogyny while accepting the GRAMMY for Album of the Year, telling young female artists that there are going to be people who try to undercut you and take credit for your success. And you need to just ignore them. And (if possible) make more headlines with your new haircut than they do with their new album.

Fierce factor: 4.5/5 Beyoncés

scandal jake olivia

Olivia Pope, Scandal
Back after a way-too-long midseason pause, Ms. Pope is getting over the love of her life any non-nonsense woman would—by hooking up with her hottie sidepiece. Seriously, that first encounter between Olivia and Jake (featuring playful spanking and illusions to oral) was endless fire emojis worth of heat.

Fierce factor: 3/5 Beyoncés


Samantha Bee, Full Frontal
In the second episode of her late night satire-fest, our hilarious host visits with Syrian refugees, suggesting that: “Maybe we should take a break from shitting our pants to meet the people we’re incoherently yelling about.” The Canada-bred Bee has joked that getting to launch her show in the middle of the American election primaries is a gift from the comedy gods. Getting to watch a woman out-funny the many sausages in the late night stable feels like sort of the same thing.

Fierce factor: 5/5 Beyoncés

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