Our Fave Celebs on Giving No Effs About Being Single

Because being single is *really* nbd

If you’re currently flying solo in the romance department, you’re likely all too aware of the simple joys the single life can offer—we’re talking judgement-free binge sessions of Gossip Girl, having *both* sides of the bed at your disposal and—of course—the freedom to blast Queen Bey in your apartment all. day. long.

But sadly, the movies we love haven’t always depicted these joys. Rom-coms often include sad female characters turning to ice cream for comfort instead of *realistically* enjoying the fact that they don’t have to share their cookie dough with anyone else. These characters have often been portrayed as lonely or emotionally lost, spending most of their screen time vying for a man’s love and attention in between junk-food binge sessions (Bridget Jones’s Diary, anyone?).

And although wanting a partner is completely A-OK, not wanting one is cool too! More women than ever are happily enjoying the single life and instead choosing to focus on their career and personal development. In fact, a 2017 lifestyle report that was released by global market research company Mintel seems to back up this theory. The U.K.-based review found that 61 percent of women surveyed reported feeling happy living the single life compared to 49 percent of men. The report also suggests that within a 12-month period up to 75 percent of the women surveyed were not actively looking for a partner.

It does look like some filmmakers have started to get the hint that we want strong and independent women dominating our screens. Adaptations such as Mad Max, Ghostbusters and even the most recent episodes of Star Wars all portray badass female leads who have better stories to tell than how to get a guy in 10 days.

And because celebs are just like us, many of our faves have been candid about their single-and-loving-it attitude, and we are *living* for it. From Demi Lovato’s important revelation about independence to RiRi’s no-BS takes on relationships, we’ve rounded up some of the best celeb quotes on the single life.


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