How Indie Rock is making a comeback in fashion

Fashion Goes Indie
How Indie Rock is making a comeback in fashion
Magenta Lane
Magneta Lane

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Music from some of Canada’s hottest Indie bands will be a few of the new beats heard at French Connection this season. Emerging Canadian bands have been selected by the UK fashion mogul to receive play in select stores. See why indie rock is making a comeback in fashion and why you’ll find yourself swaying in the change rooms while you shop.

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Magenta Lane
Magenta Lane – Dancing With Daggers

TOP PICK “Butterflies Are Blue”

HOT FACTOR Lexi, French and Nadia (vocals and guitar, bass and drums) are considered the Charlie’s Angels of indie rock with their sweet, soulful, yet edgy tracks.

INTERVIEW Lexi (that’s Miss Valentine to you) of Magneta Lane took a break from recording the band’s newest CD, Gambling With God, to chat about music, style and how the three angels of indie rock came together.

Why did your band decide to play at French Connection?
We wanted to play for new audiences that wouldn’t normally listen to indie rock. And the free clothes help! We love French Connection (French especially loves the label!).

A lot of celebrities are crossing the bridge over to fashion. Would you create your own clothing line if you could?
I think it’s cool when artists touch on fashion. It really is just another art form, so I can definitely see our band branching out like that one day. (Watch out Gwen)

Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
We love anything by Marc Jacobs—it’s fun, colourful and not too skimpy, just like French Connection.

Favourite musician
Stevie Nicks, hands down. She’s got an album that represents just about every chapter in my life.

Tell me about the cover look of Dancing With Daggers.
During the recording of that CD, we were obsessed with all-things carnival. Probably because it represented a very crazy and chaotic time in our lives, so we wanted to convey that on the cover.

What is your favourite thing to wear?
Black. You can never go wrong with black. And I really like miniskirts. Nothing too revealing though—it’s all about class.


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