Fall’s Most Popular TV Show Isn’t Even on Yet

Five reasons (and three words) we’re penciling in Tuesday night viewing parties this fall: This Is Us

this is us nbc

In just a week, the trailer for NBC’s new dramedy This is Us has racked up over 6 million views and 47 mill + Facebook views. With the swelling music and emotional dialogue, it’s easy to see why: the two-and-a-half-minute preview is packed with more feels than a T-Swift song. We’re counting down the ways it spoke to us.

1. Good Pedigree: If Crazy, Stupid, Love was your jam, rest assured that This is Us hits the same emotional tone—funny, sweet, heartfelt and wistful. Makes sense, considering it’s the same team (Dan Fogelman, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra) behind both projects. Is it to early too inquire about a shirtless Ryan Gosling cameo?

2. Mandy Moore is BACK: Have a soft spot for A Walk to Remember? (Um, who doesn’t?!) It looks like after a few misses, Mandy has found a role that could be a much-needed act two for her career. She plays a pregnant woman/new mom to multiples, and yes, her husband is played by Gilmore Girls alum Milo Ventimiglia, who is giving us hot TA vibes with his beard and long hair.

3. Connected Storylines: This is Us uses a group of 36-year-olds who share the same birthday as a spark—new dad (Ventimiglia), a man (Sterling K. Brown) raising a family while coming to terms with his own childhood, a woman (Chrissy Metz) struggling with her weight and finding love, and a handsome actor (Justin Hartley) having a quarter-life crisis. How much these storylines overlap is yet to be seen.

4. Let It Go: Sometimes a book, film or TV show can be emotionally cathartic—nothing wrong with a good release once in awhile (or, in this case, every Tuesday night). Judging by the online reception, this show will provide the ugly cry we all need sometimes.

5. Family Ties: All of the messy, complex familial relationships we love about shows like Parenthood and Gilmore Girls seem to be at play here: a brother-sister (maybe?) heart-to-heart, a fatherly pep-talk, a son trying to connect with the father that abandoned him. Sure we are in the Golden Age of television with spy dramas, epic fantasy series, zombies, superheroes and pulpy nighttime soaps, but there’s always room for a show that makes us feel guilty about not calling our parents more.

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