Fall TV Preview: Karine Vanasse Takes Flight

The Canadian star of Pan-Am on her glamorous new role.

Photo courtesy CTV

As Colette, one of the four fabulous flight attendants at the heart of ’60s-set drama Pan Am, Karine Vanasse meets lots of fans. Not so much her own, although the 27-year-old, who has had a thriving career since she was a teenager on popular Quebec television shows such as 2 Frères, has plenty. It’s the former Pan Am flight attendants who have been coming up to gush.

She met some during New York Fashion Week, where she co-hosted an event for Lisa Perry with her co-star Christina Ricci. “They had pictures of themselves in their Pan Am uniforms framed,” she says. “That pride, it’s beautiful to see.”

What happens with Colette? What can we look forward to?

She’s the character that gets along with everybody very well, but behind that smile there is something else. You could think by watching her that she had an easy life and that things are beautiful for her. But you realize it’s because she chose to look forward, not because she had an easy life at all. It reflects the attitude that people had back then.

Have the actresses had any input into the story?

It was really surprising to me to realize how the writers are inspired by your real personality. It freaked me out at first. I’m like, no. I don’t want that. I’m used to another character [laughs]. But at the same time, I think that’s TV.

In what ways were they inspired by you??

For Colette, maybe the way she tries to take care of everybody, make sure everybody is okay, but not asking herself if she is okay.

Pan Am debuts on CTV Sunday, September 25 at 10 PM ET.