Episode 6: Canada's Best Beauty Talent -- The Final Challenge

The final two have creative freedom to wow the judges one last time

Photo Courtesy of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent’s Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent’s Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent’s Facebook

Canada’s best hair and makeup talents were unveiled on this week’s episode of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, but that’s not the end of the online beauty battle. There’s a twist: the two will go on to compete for public votes in order to be crowned with the ‘Best Beauty’ title.

In the end it was Marcia and Caylee who took the top two spots. Marcia’s attention to detail and technique earned her the Best Makeup title, while Caylee’s daring and intricate hairstyles earned her Best Hair. They had to create two contrasting looks, with total creative freedom, for their final challenge. On the judging panel this week was model host Coco Rocha, FLARE editor-in-chief Lisa Tant, LOULOU style editor Claude Laframboise, singer Keisha Chante, and The Plutino Group founder Roseanna Plutino.

Each contestant had to work on the same two models, who happened to be twin sisters. On the hair side of things, Caylee went for two dramatically different looks: first a sleek ponytail with wraparound hair tie, and second a bold under-the-chin braid. Tant was underwhelmed by one look and overwhelmed by the other. Chante just laughed – laughed! — at the under the-chin braid, while Laframboise liked that she took the risk.

Marcia took a more subtle approach for makeup: her first look emphasized dewy skin and an editorial heavy brow, while her second played on high colour, glowing skin and a glossy lip. Rocha was disappointed with her lack of creativity, saying she should have reacted like “she’s a man, she’s a woman, she’s an animal – I don’t know!” Tant was also not “razzle-dazzled” and Chante thought the two models looked identical (although they are twins).

But it doesn’t matter what the judges think, as the public must now vote for the winner at www.bestbeautytalent.com. Keep in mind that the judges liked Marcia’s consistency with technique and detail, while applauding Caylee’s innovation and creativity. You can vote once a day, and the winner will be announced May 25. Be sure to check back on Flare.com tomorrow for our exclusive interview with the two finalists. – Christian Allaire

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