Your March Horoscope Is Here With Tips For Work, Love & Wellness!

Photo by George Pimentel

Photo by George Pimentel

Nothing Fishy Here: Craig and Weisz’s Pisces-to-Pisces attraction is electric, but beneath the initial combustion lies a sense of having known each other in other dimensions. Both can handle periods of separation but need to keep it ultra-real when it comes to communication.

PISCES, Feb. 19–March 20

You’re getting closer to a hot new career track, but resist the urge to make a big leap right now. Instead, take it slow, forge new alliances and wrap up any loose ends. Stop skating around important relationship issues.

ARIESMarch 21–April 19

Ready, set, recharge: Do what it takes to live healthy this month as you’ll need the resulting energy boost for when firebrand Mars dashes into your sign on the 12th. Thanks to your proactive approach, opportunities to spring forward (in one way or another) will soon make themselves known.

TAURUS, April 20–May 20

Use the first half of the month to address any lingering misunderstandings, whether at the office or at work. Then make yourself available: From the 17th on, everyone wants you on their A-list. Whatever you do, resist the urge to gossip. Mars in your house of secrets threatens to pop any happy bubbles.

GEMINI, May 21–June 20

You’re restless and dreamy this month and you’ll be tempted to float some big ideas. Wait until after the 17th, however, when your planet, Mercury, helps bring you back to earth. Meanwhile, your social life lands you in exciting new territory…such as the arms of someone new. Warning: His expectations are high.

CANCERJune 21–July 22

The winds of change will blow through your career sector, but don’t worry, you’ll weather the storm in style. (Think: promotion.) Hit the road after the 17th, when a travel bargain may lead you to a luxe destination.

LEOJuly 23–Aug. 22

In like a lion? Actually, you’re roaring to get out of town. Travel is iffy though, so look for other ways to expand your horizons. Dreaming big in terms of career? It’s a great time to meet with someone who can give perspective. Meanwhile, the animal attraction between you and a certain person is completely undeniable.

VIRGOAug. 23–Sept. 22

You’re giddy at the prospect of spring, but a little focus is in order— the planets are aligning to bring a big job move. Strengthen ties and make connections over lunch or cocktails. And make sure you ask for more money,because a raise is overdue.

LIBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22

Spring cleaning will help make a psychic shift. Leave room in your life for someone new, but don’t be too quick to quit a close friendship. A breath of fresh air, in both relationships and finances, will come by month’s end.

SCORPIOOct. 23–Nov. 21

Release your inner vamp: Not only does seduction become you, it could spark a relationship with long-term potential. Mixed messages in the workplace test your patience, but resist the urge to make off-the-cuff remarks.

SAGITTARIUS, Nov. 22–Dec. 21

Mend fences this month, be it literally (home repairs) or figuratively (neglected relationships). Meanwhile, a new fellow is out to win your heart. You didn’t see this coming, but you like where it’s headed.

CAPRICORNDec. 22–Jan. 19

Your boss has sky-high expectations, but your progress is stalled. Don’t fight it. Issues will be resolved around the 17th, and thanks to your outstanding organizational skills, you’ll easily make up for all that lost time.

AQUARIUSJan. 20–Feb. 18

As Mars and Uranus align, you become a force for creative change. Your words pack extra meaning this month; the challenge is to use them wisely. Meanwhile, when it comes to finances, make neither waves nor firm commitments.