Your February Horoscope Has Arrived!

February Horoscope

AQUARIUS, Jan. 20–Feb. 18
“Call Me Maybe” is so 2012. It’s time to make the first move in romance and at work. Just make sure to get any job offers in writing before the 23rd, when Mercury’s retrograde path could cloud your judgment.

PISCES, Feb. 19–March 20
The planets conspire, in a good way. Friends and rivals will marvel at your new-found energy and ability to mine untapped creative skills. Go ahead: Ace an impossible deadline, redecorate on a dime or string a few guys along—there’s definitely one keeper among the bunch.

ARIES, March 21–April 19
With your planet, Mars, transit- ing the contemplative 12th house, it’s best to dreamily drift solo right now. It’s the perfect time to recharge, rethink your overall strategy or research a side project. Just be ready to hit the ground running, romance-wise.

TAURUS, April 20–May 20
You’re working smarter and, even more impressive for you, swifter these days. You’ll also have friends—and reserves of goodwill— in high places. A promotion is likely, so firm up any loose ends fast. Your heart has been in the deep-freeze; expect a major thaw around the full moon.

GEMINI, May 21–June 20
Stop procrastinating and make that job decision before mid month, when your planet, Mercury, goes off-line. Then focus on your social life: Book a quick getaway or re- claim a lost lover.

CANCER, June 21–July 22
It’s the perfect time to expand your knowledge base and refine your skills. Around Valentine’s, however, the planets will shift your focus elsewhere. The passion potential is off the charts.

LEO, July 23–Aug. 22
Love is in the air, and you’re riding high. One potential downfall: your predilection for drama. Tone down the theatrics, and you’ll enjoy many passionate moments. Seek wise counsel in financial matters.

VIRGO, Aug. 23–Sept. 22
Time for a health makeover; you’ll need the resulting energy for overtime at work. Cupid’s arrow might miss on V-Day, but a delayed celebration is right on target.

LIBRA, Sept. 23–Oct. 22
It’s an Über-romantic month, with the exception of the 14th, when things get complicated. You’re espec- ially creative and clever right now, so write poems in your sleep, play matchmaker and fall hopelessly in love—to name a few urgent to-dos.

SCORPIO, Oct. 23–Nov. 21
There’s no place like home when it comes to socializing. Friends (and your new fellow) want to be wher- ever you are. Splurge on decor, but continue to keep an eye on your investments. You’re too quick to believe in a sure thing.

SAGITTARIUS, Nov. 22–Dec. 21
For once, it’s okay to say whatever pops into your head. With so many inspired ideas, one could hit the mark with a higher-up at work. Emotions are harder to express. Fortunately, you know what speaks louder than words.

CAPRICORN, Dec. 22–Jan. 19
The hunt is on for new employment opportunities. You’ll have to work hard to find out what you want, but it will be worth the effort. Meanwhile, it’s the perfect time to propose a romantic getaway.