Winnipeg's Tracy Spiridakos Is Canada's Next Big Star

Tracy Spiridakos recharges television on NBC's breakout blackout drama, Revolution

Photo by Management + Artists

Photo by Management + Artists

Across from a Giant Tiger on the outskirts of Winnipeg, the family-run Olympia Diner is famous for its souvlaki, moussaka and Mediterranean chicken. These days, the Greek diner has another claim to fame. Every Monday, George and Anastasia Spiridakos invite friends and family to fill the tiny restaurant’s dozen tables as they watch their favourite actress in action: their daughter, Tracy.

Spiridakos plays the crossbow-wielding Charlie Matheson on J.J. Abrams’ post-apocolyptic drama, Revolution, about a world in ruins after a 15-year global power outage. Her family and friends aren’t the only ones addicted. Revolution, which returns to City on March 25th at 10 p.m., is this season’s highest-rated new show.

Spiridakos's Revolution-ary power ranger; Photo by Getty Images

Spiridakos’s Revolution-ary power ranger; Photo by Getty Images

The self-described tomboy grew up serving fries and pouring draught beer alongside her parents and two older brothers. Playing street hockey and football with the boys proved to be excellent training for her role as Abrams’ latest action hero, a twentysomething girl who has rescued her kidnapped mother and brother and is now ready to topple the military state that murdered her father—all while attempting to discover the secret behind the blackout.

The worst thing about losing electricity in real life, says Spiridakos, would be not being able to call her tight-knit family. Revolution‘s Wilmington, N.C. set keeps her apart from her fiancé, Timmins, Ont. actor Jon Cor, too—they keep in touch by playing Borderlands, the role-playing shooter video game. While they’ve blown up plenty of aliens together, they’ve yet to attack their wedding. “I’m not good for planning,” she admits.

At the 2013 People's Choice Awards; Photo by Getty Images

At the 2013 People’s Choice Awards; Photo by Getty Images

It’s just one of the reasons Spiridakos says she makes “the worst girl,” though fashion is a budding interest. “I bought a dress for fun the other day,” she jokes. “A dress for fun!” Inside her clutch you might find a dozen lip balms (Burt’s Bees is a fave), but not much else. “I go out without makeup all the time,” she says. “I don’t care.”

While most women in Hollywood wield the mascara wand like Spiridakos aims a crossbow, she refuses to cave to an industry that has certain expectations of women. “I want to be acknowledged for the human being that I am,” she says. “And not just for a specific kind of look.” Talk about seizing power.