What We Know About Bachelor S20 (Thanks, Reality Steve!)

Software salesman Ben Higgins’ season premieres tonight! Who better to ask for a few spoilers than the Spoiler King himself?

bachelor ben higgins

Hi Ben, can’t wait! (Photo: Facebook.com/TheBachelor)

“People just like to tell me stuff and that’s all it really comes down to,” says Steve Carbone, the Dallas-based blogger behind recap and spoiler site, Reality Steve. Carbone has been covering the Bachelor franchise since Trista Sutter’s season of Bachelorette, and is notorious among Bachelor Nation for knowing the outcome of each season before it airs. (So notorious, in fact, that he’s been sued twice by ABC.)

At the start of each season’s taping, Carbone creates a spreadsheet to track all of the random factoids that his sources—and social media—cough up. (“I’m not going to get into that,” he says, when I ask about exactly who these informants are.) “I just fill stuff in when I can; it’s like adding pieces to a puzzle.” He has been foiled before; most recently, he incorrectly reported that Kaitlyn Bristowe chose neither Shawn Booth nor Nick Viall, but maintains that most people aren’t looking to give him false information.

And so, is Carbone as excited as we are about Bachelor Season 20? Not exactly. “The seasons all kind of run together for me,” he says. “I don’t particularly like the show, and if this wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t watch it because I don’t care enough to watch these people.” He admits he found hottie bar owner Brad Womack’s first season to be shocking (Womack wound up choosing no one) as well as Jason Mesnick’s change of heart (Mesnick broke up with his fiancée during the live season finale, then asked runner-up Molly Malaney for a second chance. They’re now married.)

As for Ben Higgins? “He makes out with a lot of girls, that’s his job,” says Carbone. “But really, the show is kind of the same thing over and over.”

That said, here are a few—mildly spoiler-ish—notes from this season:

1/ Becca Tilley, a fan favourite from Chris Soules’ season, is back. According to Carbone, “She goes pretty far.”

2/Another contestant is a single mom: “You know you’re going to have that whole angle of people thinking single mothers should be in the show.”

3/ And two others are twins. “One of the locations is Las Vegas, where the twins live.”

4/ Ben and a contestant film a McDonald’s commercial on one of the dates.

5/ There is a hot air balloon ride. (OF COURSE THERE IS.)

If you really want spoilers, head over to Reality Steve—Carbone says he knows who Ben chose, and has revealed it on his site. He’s already moved on to another burning question: who will be the next Bachelorette?

Season 20 of The Bachelor begins airing Monday, January 4 on City, and Sharleen Joynt’s recaps begin Tuesday, January 5 on FLARE.com. See you then!

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