Sunday Night TV: The Affair

There are two sides to every story - and to every affair. Watch the extramarital drama unfold in The Affair, premiering tonight on The Movie Network


Dominic West and Ruth Wilson in The Affair

Hanky-panky goes Rashomon in a new romantic drama (The Movie Network, Oct.12) with a delicious premise. It follows the extramarital entanglement between Noah, a mild-mannered teacher (Dominic West, a.k.a. McNulty from The Wire) and Alison, a troubled Hamptons, N.Y., waitress (The Lone Ranger’s Ruth Wilson), who implode their respective marriages to Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson—a scandal that unfolds in flashback from each of their conflicting perspectives. For example, Noah remembers himself as a nerd wooed by a temptress, while Alison recalls being pursued by a cocky Noah. West does fantastic work as both Noahs, perfectly illustrating the fickle nature of memory.

The Affair premieres on The Movie Network on October 12 at 10pm EST.