11 TV Icons We'd Like to See Join Angela Lansbury on Game of Thrones

Laughter is coming. Here are 11 boss ladies we'd like to see guest star alongside Angela Lansbury in the fantasy drama


Laughter is coming

Looks like Dame’s Got Game.

If the rumours are true, 90-year-old Angela Lansbury may be scrambling along craggy sea cliffs across North Ireland *as we speak* filming a cameo as part of a two-episode arc on Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Let’s pause for a minute and think about just how awesome it would be to see Lansbury, no stranger to murder and intrigue, bringing all the charm we saw during her 12-year stint as amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote to Westeros.

This isn’t the first time GoT has brought icons to King’s Landing, and hopefully it won’t be the last. Here are 11 boss ladies from TV we’d like to see in guest spots for the final season. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, take note: laughter is coming.

Lucy Lawless 
It’s an absolute no-brainer to cast Lawless, a warrior princess already accustomed to fantasy drama and fighting a dark past. Plus, she has a trademark weapon (remember that Chakram?), which only a few women can wield.

Candice Bergen
She played hard-as-nails investigative journalist Murphy Brown on the eponymous show and would surely shatter more than just glass ceilings.

Kerry Washington
Murder, patricide, infanticide, rape and bitter family feuds… arguably there’s no scandal stark enough for crisis management expert Olivia Pope.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
The First Lady of Slay battled countless vampires, demons and other forces of evil, so there’s not much at stake for her taking on a few extra kings, queens, knights and renegades. She’d school Arya on some classic Buffy fight scene moves and bring with her that pitch-perfect Summers sass we know and love.

Mariska Hargitay
Have you seen Sergeant Olivia Benson fly into action and tackle bad guys? She would bring law, order and some much needed emotional sensitivity to the series.

Allison Janney
C. J. would not only be the master of the walk and talk in the Westeros Wing, but also one of the few people who could deliver a steady and resolute briefing in the wake of another beloved character’s death.

Taraji P. Henson
She already rules one empire. There’s honestly nothing that showrunners could serve up to make Cookie crumble, but we’d like to see them try.

Viola Davis 
Aside from the fact that Game of Thrones could alternatively be named How to Get Away with Murder, we know that Prof Annalise Keating would bring even more plot twists with her.

Millie Bobby Brown
OK, maybe Eleven is a little young for the show. But we’d love to see the Stranger Things star pall around with Arya, the two of them using their survival skills (and some psychokinetic gifts) to evade the Lannisters.

Amy Poehler
Every show needs a little comic relief. Leslie Knope’s relentless optimism, dedication to her city and penchant for scrapbooking would add just the right amount of levity. Plus, just think about Knope and Eleven bonding over waffles in some frivolous side scene and Tyrion rolling his eyes.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Admittedly adding Louis-Dreyfus to the lineup is not all too far-fetched. She did snap a selfie with George R.R. Martin at a football game this past November. We love her Veep character, but it’s confident, outspoken Elaine Benes that we know could deftly handle any betrayal, no matter how slight. After all, she once broke up with someone for not offering her pie.

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