TV Dinner: Turning Our Favourite Shows into Cookbooks

We've picked 5 shows that could (and should) inspire their own custom recipes and creatively answer the eternal question—what's for dinner?

How does TV taste? One Gilmore Girls superfan wanted to find out and used a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money ($47,273, to be precise!) to publish Eat Like a Gilmore, a cookbook that aims to bring the meals served in Stars Hollow into IRL kitchens. (It’ll be out in December, the perfect Christmas prezzie for your favourite GG obsessive.) With that in mind, we’ve pegged 5 other shows that could definitely inspire some creative dishes. Pass the Sookie soufflé.



The Mindy Project
What delightful pickle will Mindy get herself into this week? And speaking of, where are the pickles? This cookbook would be like Mindy Lahiri’s Pinterest page come to life—a deskside chocolate fondue fountain, gigantic cakes for every occasion (yes that includes Arbor Day and Flag Day), three kinds of chicken wings and “vegetarian” options, which in her world can include any type of meat except steak.

Gossip Girl
Dan, Serena, Blair, Chuck and Nate inexplicably spent a large part of their days travelling from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn and back, most times just to say hey (the cell reception must have been terrible). Considering how much time they spent en route to drama, recipes should have a New York food truck vibe: not fancy, but convenient in a traffic jam. Hot dogs, schawarmas, pizza by the slice and for Blair, French macarons.

There’s only one thing we’d want in an Empire cookbook: cookies. Fabulous, delicious cookies of all shapes and sizes, flavours and fillings. And of course we’d want Cookie’s POV on cookies—instead of the typical instructions, we’d love some motivational baking quotes a la “The streets ain’t made for everyone—that’s why they made sidewalks.” And if the first batch of cookies don’t turn out, throw them in the face of your mortal enemy. It’s what Cookie would do.

Jersey Shore
While the cast spent most of their time tanning, fighting, drinking and smushing (in that unfortunate order), what could they possibly contribute to the culinary zeitgeist? Well the Jersey Shore cast also often sat down for Sunday dinner with Italian-American staples—recipes can include authentic brick-oven pizza (which the cast mastered making in the Florence season), authentic pasta e fagioli (a homemade favourite of The Situation), stuffed manicotti served family-style, and garlic bread (this is tasty and good for soaking up booze).

The Bachelor/et
These are the most romantic meal ideas yet—you won’t believe the shocking twist in each recipe. Options would include the Fantasy Suite breakfast (including a special Green Juice of Regret), raw sweet potatoes (served whole, just like Chad likes ’em) and three-course dinners that you actually don’t need to make because the night will inevitably end in tears and disappointment before the second course is served!

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