3 TV Cringe Comedies to Watch Through Your Fingers

We love comics playing “themselves” in OMFG-so-awkward situations. Here are our faves—and their best yikes moments so far


Louie (FX Canada, April 9)
Louis C.K. is a strange animal: a hopeless romantic–slash–unflinching realist. But this tension gives his series an unparalleled energy and poignancy. Last season, Louie’s pursuit (again) of romance-averse BFF Pamela (Pamela Adlon) was rife with mortifying incidents, including Louie’s aggro come-ons and an unreturned “I love you.” Yikes moment: The sight of a naked and vulnerable Louie (man boobs, doughy backside) standing before a giggling Pamela.


The Comedians (FX Canada, April 9)
Billy Crystal and Frozen’s Josh Gad play themselves in this new show about a veteran comic dragged into joining a late-night series with a younger, edgier funnyman. The guffaws come via ego-shattering hits that pass between the odd-couple pairing, and from guest stars like Jimmy Kimmel and Rob Reiner. Yikes moment: Take your pick from the trailer: Gad dressed as a giant diapered baby or Gad getting humped by a bear.


Inside Amy Schumer (The Comedy Network, April 21)
A hilarious sketch-comedy series with a feminist bent, kicking ass on a network that traditionally skews male—Inside is a comedic miracle. Schumer makes herself the winking blonde butt of the joke, playing everything from a “chick who can hang” to a dumpy NSFW animated meerkat. Yikes moment: Schumer portrays a delusional one-night stand whose hungover boo doesn’t remember (a) her name and (b) whether he “wore a bag” the night before.

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