TV Character #TBT: Audrey Horne

Sometimes nostalgia comes in the form of killer eyebrows, tartan skirts, and a little bit of sass


Written by Alex Brown

“I’m Audrey Horne and I get what I want.”

Over the course of two seasons of the haunting cult classic, Twin Peaks, we discovered an 18-year-old who perfectly embodied the “poor little rich girl” persona: wealthy, beautiful, and capable of, well, getting whatever she wanted (with the exception of Special Agent Dale Cooper’s love #sadface).

Audrey Horne—possibly the best part of the 1990s series—was a budding hotelier, schoolgirl bombshell, and a little high maintenance. And why wouldn’t she be? With her form-fitting, girlish uniform and bewitching 50s housewife appeal, Audrey Horne established herself as the only style icon we cared about in David Lynch’s world. Now, imagine if she lived in the era of Topshop or online shopping: tartan skirts abound, sleek, double-breasted coats, and, of course, a couple surprises up her sleeve. If that’s not what you want, maybe you should take a tip from Audrey, in any case.


Original image from The Peak.ca

Outfit: Black velvet coat from Mango; plaid skirts from Topshop; pink jumper from New Look; red lace bra from Lonely Lingerie; saddle shoes from Pinup Couture.

Beauty routine:

  • Red lipstick from Bobbi Brown
  • MAC brow set for the perfect arch
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Attitude

Book of Choice: Jean Paul Sartre’s existentialist novel, Nausea, for the deeper, vulnerable side of Miss Horne.

Playlist: Sultry French pop (otherwise known as Yé-yé) and slow, retro-inspired folk jams.

1) Baby It’s You by Smith

2) Laisse Tomber les Filles by France Gall

3) There’s An End by Holly Golightly

4) Please Be My Third Eye  by La Sera

5) Zou Bisou Bisou by Gillian Hills