All the Funniest Reactions to the Premiere of HBO's The Young Pope

HBO's new show The Young Pope premiered last night and people cannot even. Here, the funniest tweets roasting Jude Law's turn as the hot, young pontiff

The Young Pope premiere

(Photo: HBO Canada)

Even if you haven’t yet watched last night’s premiere of HBO’s The Young Pope (starring Jude Law as the titular pope with a v. pious Diane Keaton as Sister Mary, the woman who raised him since he was 7), you probs know that people were really excited about it. If you even glanced at your social feeds in the last couple weeks since press around the show starting ramping up, you saw a Twitter feed bursting with hilarious anticipation for the chic young pope, and with good reason—since we’re essentially living in a Twilight Zone version of reality (ICYMI, *actual* monster Donald Trump gets sworn into the highest office in U.S. politics this week), peops have been v. v. amused by the idea of a tanned, cigarette-smoking, 47-year-old New Yorker named Lenny shaking up the Vatican. Here, the most entertaining tweets about The Young Pope premiere (and a few select gems from before the first episode dropped).

People are living for Pope Jude’s MAJOR chapeau moment 

But some think HBO bit Queen Bey’s style

And not everyone was feeling this lewk 

Pope Jude showed his bare booty within the first five mins and folks couldn’t handle it 

And TBH, we believed this *was* the pope’s actual entrance music at first

He’s not like a regular pope, he’s a cool pope! 

Not everyone is totally sure what’s happening on the show… 

…or how the idea even made it out of the pitch meeting

But they’re def excited for this coming season (‘scuze the profanity)

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