The Most Jaw-Dropping Jane the Virgin Moments, Ranked

This show is legit nuts (in the best possible way). Spoilers ahead for the finale, obvs

The season one finale of Jane the Virgin is now available on Shomi, which is probably a good thing for our collective blood pressure. This year’s buzziest new comedy—about a virgin who is impregnated after an accidental artificial insemination—uses its telenovela style of storytelling to jam more twists, turns, betrayals, lies and shocks in one episode than most shows have in an entire season. Though it would be impossible to cite all the shocking moments, we narrowed it down to 12 that made our jaws hit the floor.


12. Jane’s accidental artificial insemination

The incident that started it all: poor virginal Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated by the distracted doctor, Luisa Alver. To make matters worse, the rightful recipient of this insemination is none other than Luisa’s cunning sister-in-law, Petra. Really, the craziest part about this is that Jane takes this news like a champ, instead of ripping Luisa to shreds.

11.  The deaths of Roman Zazo, Emilio Salono and Disgusting Tom

Much of Jane the Virgin takes place at the Marbella hotel, where the characters seem to work/eat/sleep/spend all of their spare time. Though this is shocking in itself, it is not as bad as the three gruesome murders that took place there. These include impalement onto an ice sculpture, death by ice pick, and being submerged in a pool of cement by your wife. What’s even more jaw-dropping than these deaths is the fact that people still seem to be booking rooms at the Marbella.

Roman Zazo is not dead

10. Roman Zazo is not dead (JK—he is)

Throughout the season, the death of Roman Zazo is repeatedly referred to—the narrator loves to show the image of his body splayed across the ice sculpture—which is why it is such a shock when a person who looks exactly like him shows up. At first the audience believes that this is his twin brother Aaron, but through Petra’s sleuthing they learn that it is, in fact, Roman and that it was actually Aaron who died via ice sculpture. Ultimately, Petra ends up murdering Roman, leaving both of these twins dead, anyway.

9. Magda can walk

TBH, Magda seemed like an evil character from the second she first appeared on the screen. But if nothing else, she appeared to be a caring mother who had Petra’s best interests at heart. So when Petra faked her death (friggin’ horrifying) and it was revealed that Magda could walk—which meant that she’d been manipulating Petra for years—it was a pretty big surprise.

8. Magda pushing Alba down a flight of stairs

Magda’s true ruthlessness was revealed when she pushed poor Alba down a flight of stairs, showing just how far Magda would go to protect herself (it looks like she may have no limits).

7. Rafael’s wrongful arrest for domestic violence

If Magda pushing Alba down the stairs was her defining moment, then faking domestic violence was Petra’s. Time and time again Petra’s conniving, greedy and ruthless actions have positioned her as the show’s villain, but telling the police that her (ex) husband Rafael hit her? When you think about the consequences that this could have had for Rafael, it’s pretty horrifying, especially considering all these two went through together.

6. Petra’s secret past

The thing about Petra is that although she is the show’s Big Bad, she also shows glimmers of vulnerability and humanity. The reason for her behavior is revealed in one of the show’s biggest twists: Petra is not actually Petra, but Natalia, a woman from the Czech Republic who’s on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Rogelio is Jane's Father

5. Rogelio De La Vega is Jane’s father

At the very beginning of the series, you learn a few things about Jane’s family: Jane was raised by her mother and grandmother (she believed her father didn’t want anything to do with her) and the three of them love to watch the telenovela The Passion of Santos starring Rogelio De La Vega. As it turns out, Rogelio is Jane’s father, and her mother has been lying to her for years.

Luisa and Roses's affair

4. Luisa and Rose’s affair

Luisa and Rose’s affair is not a simple tryst between one newly divorced and one married woman. No, that would be far too uncomplicated for Jane the Virgin. Rose is married to Luisa’s dad, Emilio, who thinks the absolute world of Luisa and would do practically anything for her. In another zany twist, when Luisa attempts to confess the affair to her family, Rose has her committed.

3. Rose is Sin Rostro

One of the subplots of Jane the Virgin is that the police (one of which is Jane’s hot ex-fiancé) are investigating the Marbella to uncover the murders and figure out who Sin Rostro, a drug lord with ties to the hotel, is. After Rose drowns her husband in cement, it is revealed that she is Sin Rostro. If the murder and the drugs aren’t nutso enough, Rose/Sin Rostro is also running an underground plastic surgery clinic so that criminals can change their faces.

2. Rafael has another sample

The entire premise of season one was fuelled by the idea that Jane was inseminated with Rafael’s final sperm sample, and this would be his only chance to have a biological child. But alas, we find out that there is in fact another sample, and of course it falls into the hands of Petra, Rafael’s money-hungry ex-wife. Lord only knows what she has planned for the next season.

1. Rose steals Jane’s newborn baby

Just when all seems right in the world and Jane has her newborn son in her arms, everything goes terribly wrong. After the nurse comes to take Jane’s baby for a hearing test, she actually brings him to a car waiting outside the hospital and hands him off to Sin Rostro and they drive away. This has got to be the most anxiety-inducing moment in a series full of jaw-dropping moments. Let’s just say the wait for season two got a whole lot longer.


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