The Bachelorette Index, by Sharleen Joynt

The smart, sexy opera singer from Ottawa ranks her four favourite contestants

This week really perked me back up. As the less deep relationships are left behind, we’re left with one high-quality interaction after another. This is where The Bachelor/ette gets good.

Since we’re down to four, I’ve ranked them in order as usual, but I’ve also chosen who I think is going to be sent home next week. (Sorry, Chris!)

Nick V

1. Nick, 33: Ah, Nick. The accidental villain. It truly bewilders me that Nick is on the receiving end of so much hate. I guess every season needs its villain, and overt confidence is a surefire way to rub other guys the wrong way. But I honestly believe Nick is simply in love with a girl. And I think that girl is falling for him, too.


2. Josh, 29: Frontrunner Josh never goes anywhere. He and Andi may have their spats but they’re drawn to each other like magnets. Josh really won me over this week—he fielded Andi’s interrogations like a pro; professing his feelings when prompted but (seemingly) really meaning what he said.


3. Marcus, 25: Marcus is a distant third and it’s not for a lack of connection—he’s just up against some majorly stiff competition. I do think Andi is very attracted to Marcus, and I believe he and his baby blues will make it to the long-awaited Fantasy Suite. That said, it’s a tight race between him and…


4. Chris, 32: It’s almost a tie between Chris and Marcus, but  I think this is the guy who will be going home. The fact that Chris is the only top 4 contestant to have not gotten a second one-on-one—despite his first one-on-one having been way back in week 2—is telling. If Andi had wanted to spend another whole day with him badly enough, she would have made it happen at some point in the past five weeks.

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