The Bachelorette Index by Sharleen Joynt: Episode 4

The smart, sexy opera-singer from Ottawa—who appeared in Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor—ranks her four favourite contestants from this week’s Bachelorette

From Dylan’s heart-wrenching one-on-one to Eric’s unexpected exit, Episode 4 brought a heavy dose of harsh reality to the Bachelorette. The basketball group date may have been entertaining, but the “losers go home” rule left a sour taste in my mouth. Considering the show is about finding love, what does who’s better at basketball have to do with it? Marcus’ one-on-one brought him and Andi closer, but the date itself was so insipid with its leap-of-faith metaphors and ridiculous extreme sport activity, I found myself more irritated than entertained.

My top picks remain firm from last week:

Nick V

1. Nick, 33: He didn’t get much airtime this episode but that’s to be expected after last week’s winning one-on-one. I think Andi and Nick share not just a mutual attraction but a mutual respect that makes their relationship seem more real than the others.


2. Marcus, 25: Marcus’ one-on-one activity irked me but it wasn’t his fault. He was understandably terrified of rapelling down the side of a 30-story building, just as he was terrified of doing a solo strip number in Episode 2. He came out on top in both unenviable tasks. Poor Marcus is being dragged through the wringer but Andi’s a giddy schoolgirl around him, so he remains a strong contender.


3. Josh, 29: Josh’s likability continues to rise as his edit reveals his fun personality. Either he really is that entertaining or his longterm storyline includes us really embracing him. Either way, he and Andi have the most palpable chemistry.


4. Chris, 32: Again not much airtime for Chris but I’m still convinced of his dark horse status. We were being sold Brian this week but I’m not buying it; there’s no chemistry between those two. I think Chris and Andi have a spark that we’ll likely see more of soon.

For Sharleen’s full analysis of Eric and Andi’s confrontation, visit my blog, All The Pretty Pandas.

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