The Bachelorette Finale: Sharleen on the “Most Painful” Episode

Sharleen Joynt, the smart, sexy opera singer and former Bachelor 18 contestant shares her thoughts on Andi's ultimate pick

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist

I imagine we’re all in agreement that that was the most painful After The Final Rose any of us can remember. It became clear throughout the episode itself that Andi would pick Josh; she was more animated and genuinely happy with him on their date, seemed more invested in her family’s approval of him, and even casually called him “babe” throughout the entire episode. (Hardly a sign she’d be kicking him to the curb anytime soon.)

There’s a runner-up every season, the one who leaves heartbroken. But there was something truly wrong about it happening to Nick. He didn’t come into the show naive or ripe for humiliation as many do. He was cautious, skeptical, shrewd. No one was taken more by surprise than Nick himself when Andi plucked him out as special from night one with the First Impression Rose. Week by week we watched his walls fall and his confidence rise. He became vulnerable but remained analytical, a potent combination for television. That said, seeing as how he proved himself very intelligent and self-aware, his inability to accept rejection was difficult to watch.

I am very sensitive to—and actively against—slut-shaming and while I don’t believe Nick meant his “fantasy suite” comment that way, the mere mention of it was out of line. He was obviously still hurting and absolutely deserved to give Andi a piece of his mind, but unfortunately he went way too far. Two wrongs never make a right.

No one can deny that Andi and Josh are great together and clearly make each other happy. She made her choice, which is the right choice. It comes down to who she can’t live without and for her, that was Josh. I have high hopes that they will succeed as a couple. They live near each other, make each other laugh, and clearly respect and adore one another. Congratulations to them!

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