Bachelor Alert! 5 Things We Learned From Rachel’s Appearance on Ellen

Rachel Lindsay—a.k.a the next Bachelorette AND one of our fave girls from this season of The Bachelor—stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning for a quickie interview. Here’s what we learned

Rachel Lindsay from The Bachelostopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning for a quick interview


1. She didn’t leave The Bachelor on her own—Nick actually sent her home

We always hoped that if Rachel didn’t make it to the end of The Bachelor it would be because she *finally* realized that she’s WAY too good for Nick. But, alas, we found out during her interview with Ellen that Nick was actually the one who denied her a rose and ended their ’ship. Ugh.

2. She really loves Corinne

Of course Ellen had to bring up Corinne during their interview, it’s literally impossible not to. But both times Ellen brought up this season’s resident vill, Rachel had only good things to say. Like, “I love Corinne!” And: “Unfortunately you only get to see some sides of Corinne, I got to see all sides of her living in the house with her.” Later on, when Ellen talked about how Corinne has to be the one Nick picks otherwise “why would she still be there?” (valid point, Ellen) Rachel came to Corinne’s rescue again by saying, “Because she’s great!”

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3. She actually kept her job after the show

Wait, Rachel ISN’T making a living off promoting sunglasses on Instagram!? This is unheard of for Bach Nation. During her chat with Rachel, Ellen asked, “So when the show finished you just went back to attorney-ing?” (LOL). And we’re v. pleased to inform you that, yes, Rachel did go back to “attorney-ing” post-Bach. She actually just finished a trial a couple of weeks ago. THAT’s why we love Rachel and why we’re *so* happy she’s the next Bachelorette—she’s not doing this to get more Insta followers, she genuinely just wants to find a husband.

4. She pretty much knows EXACTLY what she’s looking for in a man

When Ellen asked Rachel what kind of guy she’s looking for, she claimed to not really have a physical type (other than someone with a great smile, obv). BUT she did list off a bunch of other qualities her future husband must have: a great smile, a sense of humour, ambition, confidence. She also is looking for someone who’s ready to get married and start a family, and someone who knows exactly what he wants. (Is this a Nick dig?)

5. She’s SO over Nick

Rachel did admit to being “pretty heartbroken” when Nick sent her home, but just three short months later, she doesn’t seem to be holding onto any of that heartbreak. When talking about her not being the one for Nick she confidently says—in typical boss-babe Rachel fashion—“I guess he was looking for someone else. His loss.” But her tone when saying it wasn’t the least bit bitter. It was more like: “Whatevs, his loss, IDGAF.”

Watch the full interview here:

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