Our Fave Moments from Bachelor Villain Corinne’s Ellen Appearance

Our newest Bachelor vill dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week for a quick and v. humorous interview. Here, the highlight reel


Highlight #1: When Ellen asked the one question re: The Bachelor that we’ve all been dying to ask
To start off the interview Ellen asked Corinne the obvious question: “Is that the real you?” The answer: Yes. However, she did say that there are a lot of other sides to her that we don’t get to see (like, the clothed side?)





Highlight #2: When Corinne called herself an athlete
Good news to anyone who works out everyday—you can add “professional athlete” to your resume! At least according to Corinne you can. When chatting with Ellen about the sides of her we don’t get to see on the show she says, “I’m an athlete. Well…I workout everyday, I have a trainer.”





Highlight #3: When Ellen straight-up asked Corinne: “Don’t you think you were crazy?”
Now that Corinne’s actually watching this season of The Bachelor, you’d think she would be totally embarrassed by the way she’s being portrayed, right? WRONG. She told Ellen that she doesn’t think she looks crazy at all and that she actually thinks she’s pretty hilarious. Though Corinne does later admit that she came off sliiiightly more promiscuous on the show than she thought.

Highlight #4: When Corinne literally forgot what she was talking about mid-sentence
One second she was gabbing on about how funny she thinks is and the next she had no idea what she was even talking about. Maybe it was the nerves, or perhaps it was alcohol-induced? Who knows when it comes to Corinne. Luckily Ellen was there to get her back on track.


giphy giphy-1


Highlight #5: When Ellen bluntly asked Corinne if she was drunk the entire time she was on The Bachelor
Corinne’s response: “There were alcoholic beverages but I did know my limit. I never took it too far where I would like black out or anything.” Seems reasonable.

Highlight #6: Ellen’s reaction to the whole nanny thing
Just like us, Ellen couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of a 24-year-old with a nanny, so she obvi had to ask: “Why do you have a nanny?” Corinne told her that Raquel is her family’s housekeeper but she calls her “nanny” to be respectful (which we already knew from a little digging of our own). A few more quick facts we learned about Raquel during the interview: She’s been with Corinne’s fam for 18 years, she moved with them from New Jersey to Florida, she raised Corinne’s sister and helped her mom through cancer, and she’s considered a member of the family.





Highlight #7: When they played a quick round of ‘Who’d You Rather?’
Ellen got Corinne to play her classic ‘Who’d You Rather?’ and when forced to choose between Nick and Drake, Corinne’s mind said Nick, but her lips defff wanted to say Drake. She actually started to say Drake and then quickly switched to Nick. To which Ellen responded (making us LOL so hard), “you had a D in your mouth!”

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