The Bachelor: What Andi Will Say to Nick Next Week??

In the promo for next week's episode, Andi tells Nick that "he's supposed to be honest." But about *what*? We outline four potential scenarios

This week on The Bachelor, the all-important Hometowns were overshadowed by a very dramatic final five seconds where Nick hears a knock on his hotel room door, and—OMFG—it’s former Bachelorette and current (what exactly is that she does, again?) Andi Dorfman. It’s no secret that relations between Nick and his first televised flame aren’t exactly cozy since SHE broke his heart by giving her final rose to Josh and then HE humiliated her TV when he revealed that they had sex in the Fantasy Suite and then SHE wrote a memoir that detailed his super cringe-worthy bedroom behaviour.

So what is she doing here? Hard to say given that the “next week, on The Bachelor” preview gave us very little to go on. Specifically the footage shows Nick asking Andi what he is “supposed to say” and Andi answering the he is “supposed to be honest.” Honest about what, exactly? Our four best guesses below.

Scenario 1: The fizzle (fo shizzle)

Nick: “This is very unexpected—what am I supposed to say?”

Andi: “You’re supposed to be honest…so why don’t you just admit that this season has been a bust and you don’t actually have real feelings for any of these women.”

Harsh, but doesn’t it kind of feel like this is the sad reality that all of Nick’s emotional breakdowns have been building up to? How often does a man excuse both women after a two-on-one date because, well, he’s just not that into either one of them? To say nothing of Nick’s unprecedented decision to engage in a full on sob-fest in front of the remaining women, telling them, basically, that he may be losing faith in the process. Nick stated again and again that his ultimate fear is losing out on love, so it makes sense that he might be willing to fake it rather than fail for a third time.

Scenario 2: Old sparks die hard

Nick: “This is very unexpected — what am I supposed to say?”

Andi: “You’re supposed to be honest…you’re still in love with me and I’m here because I think I might feel the same about you.”

But these two can barely stand to be in the same room together, right??? Exactly. There’s a thin line between love and hate and if we agree that Nick is a bit meh on the Final Four (which should really be called the Final Three given what we know about Rachel), it stands to reason that his hot and heavy history with Andi might seem more appealing by comparison. We can’t be the only ones to notice that Nick references Andi way more often than Kaitlyn when looking back on his previous Bachelor heartbreak. As for Andi, she may front like Nick is a piece of dog poop she just accidentally stepped on, but…well…she keeps coming back to the same turd.

The Bachelor: We're as excited for next week's episode as Andi and Nick are here

Scenario 3: Gold digger meets platinum vagine

Nick: “This is very unexpected — what am I supposed to say?”

Andi: “You’re supposed to be honest…and admit that you’re only going after Corrine for her money.”

Back in January, Nick did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, shortly after we learned about Raquel. Jimmy found this was a bit odd, but Nick countered that getting to share a personal employee might actually sweeten the pot. Fast forward to last week when we saw how quickly he adapted to the world of $800 sweatpants when he gleefully played Julia Roberts to Corrine’s Richard Gere on their Hometown shopping date. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the subversion of traditional gender roles (props to Corrine for saying she’d be cool with being the breadwinner). We just hope Nick is more interested in her platinum vagine than her platinum card.

Scenario 4: Let’s get realz

Nick: “This is very unexpected — what am I supposed to say?”

Andi: “You’re supposed to be honest…The Bachelor is totally bogus and you’re just here to make money, which is the same reason I’m here, so let’s just get on with it.”

Time and again we’ve seen how being a member of the Bachelor family can turn into a full time job if you play your cards right. True, in her memoir Andi indicated that she was totally over the franchise, but equally true is the fact that her newfound career as a New York Times bestselling author is solely based on her Bachelor Nation cred.  Meanwhile Nick gave up his software sales gig a while back in favour of a career as “Nick from the Bachelor.” So basically we have two people who just can’t quit the series that made them famous (and now pays their bills). You might ask: Why would Andi bite the hand that feeds her on camera? Who knows? Why would the franchise announce that Rachel is the new Bachelorette while she is still fighting for Nick’s heart on TV?????? Apparently even the producers are getting sick of keeping up the pretence.

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